45th Wausa Horse Show goes on, despite COVID challenges

WAUSA — The 45th Annual Wausa Horse Show was held Aug. 23 at the Gladstone Park Arena in Wausa, with 57 riders in attendance and 434 entries in the show.

“We would like to thank those that came and participated and those that came to cheer the riders on. It was a hot, but fun day,” said organizers.

McKenzie Daniel, Stanton, won the Ann Kumm Memorial trophy in the Jr. Poles.

Winning the Dean Cunningham Memorial trophies in the Circular Baton were Merlin and Lynette Petersen, Scribner; Doc and Rhonda Schumacher of Howells.

The highpoint trophies were awarded as follows: Jr. Jr.: Kylie Brichacek of Dodge; Jr.: Colinn Winkelbauer of Brewster; and the Sr. highpoint went to Merlin Petersen of Scribner on his 1st horse.

The results from the day’s events are as follows:

Jr. Jr. Barrel Crawl: 1st-Kylie Brichacek, Dodge; 2nd-Clancy Sellin, Hoskins; 3rd- Dalton Brichacek, Dodge; and 4th-Kingsley Cunningham, Wausa.

Barrel Crawl (5 and under-no horse): Raelynn Cunningham, Wausa; Dayton Cunningham, Wausa; Ira Nix, Creighton; and Marynn Wamberg, Wausa.

Jr. Jr. Potato Race: Kingsley Cunningham, Wausa; Sophia Backer, Wausa; Kylie Brichacek, and Raelynn Cunningham

Jr. Potato Race: Dyson Cunningham, Wausa; Colinn Winkelbauer, Brewster; and Stratton Sellin, Hoskins.

Sr. Potato Race: Doc Schumacher (2nd horse); Doc Schumacher (1st horse); Merlin Petersen (1st horse); and Merlin Petersen (2nd horse)

Jr. Bucket Keyhole: Gavin Schutt, Hoskins; McKenzie Daniel, Dyson Cunningham, Sophia Backer.

Sr. Bucket Keyhole: Merlin Petersen-1st horse; Merlin Petersen-2nd horse; Alexa Cunningham, Wausa; Doug Siebrandt, Bancroft.

Balloon Race (5 and under-no horse): Raelynn Cunningham; Henry Daniel, Stanton; Laney Vogel, Norfolk; and Dayton Cunningham.

Jr. Egg and Spoon: Hadleigh Schutt, Hoskins; Gavin Schutt; Aftyn Schutt, Hoskins; Hadley Sellin, Hoskins.

Sr. Egg and Spoon: Laura Vogel, Norfolk; Alexa Cunningham; Connie Brichacek, Dodge; Lexy Nuesch, Johnstown

Jr. Jr. Stake Race: Kingsley Cunningham; Kylie Brichacek; Sophia Backer, Raelynn Cunningham.

Stick Horse Race (5 and under-no horse): Raelynn Cunningham; Henry Daniel; Dayton Cunningham; and Marynn Wamberg.

Jr. Hat Race: Colinn Winkelbauer; Kora Winkelbauer, Brewster; Dyson Cunningham; Gavin Schutt.

Sr. Hat Race: Merlin Petersen-1st horse; Doug Siebrandt; Merlin Petersen-2nd horse; Janelle Brester.

West Point Boot Race (5 and underno horse): Dayton Cunningham; Isaac Daniel, Stanton; Raelynn Cunningham; Henry Daniel.

Jr. Jr. Flag Race: Kingsley Cunningham; Abbie Daniel, Stanton; Kylie Brichacek; Dalton Brichacek, Dodge.

Jr. Flag Race: Colinn Winkelbauer; Kora Winkelbauer; McKenzie Daniel; Stratton Sellin, Hoskins.

Sr. Flag Race: Doug Siebrandt; Connie Brichacek; Lexy Nuesch; Merlin Petersen-2nd horse.

Pickup Race: Merlin Petersen-2nd horse and Doug Siebrandt ; Shawn Siebrandt, Bancroft and Landon Stolp, West Point; Gene Daniel, Stanton, and Henry Daniel; Aden and Riggins Sellin, Hoskins.

Jr. Ribbon Race: Kylie Brichacek and Dalton Brichacek, Dodge; Hadley Sellin, Hoskins and Hadleigh Schutt; Raelynn Cunningham and Leighton Backer, Wausa.

Sr. Ribbon Race: Laura Vogel, Norfolk and Rhonda Schumacher; Kelcy Nagel, Spring Grove, Minn. and Doc Schumacher-2nd horse; Braden Nuesch, Osmond and Lexy Nuesch; McKenzie Daniel and Jill Daniel, Stanton.

Surfboard Race: Kora and Bradley Winkelbauer, Brewster; Dalton and Connie Brichacek; Gavin and Kelly Schutt, Hoskins; Kylie and Connie Brichacek.

Jr. Rat Race: Sophia Backer and Kingsley Cunningham; Kylie and Dalton Brichacek; Hadley and Riggins Sellin, Hoskins; Kora and Caden Winkelbauer, Brewster.

Sr. Rat Race: Merlin Petersen-2nd horse and Doug Siebrandt; Merlin Petersen-1st horse and Lynette Petersen; Doc Schumacher-1st horse and Rhonda Schumacher-2nd horse; Jill and McKenzie Daniel.

Jr. Jr. Barrels: Abbie Daniel, Stanton; Kylie Brichacek; Sophia Backer; Kingsley Cunningham.

Jr. Barrels: Colinn Winkelbauer; McKenzie Daniel; Kora Winkelbauer; Dyson Cunningham.

Sr. Barrels: Merlin Petersen-2nd horse; Merlin Petersen-1st horse; Doug Siebrandt; Doc Schumacher-1st horse.

Jr. Jr. Poles: Abbie Daniel; Kingsley Cunningham; Caden Winkelbauer; Raelynn Cunningham.

Jr. Poles: McKenzie Daniel; Alexa Cunningham; Kora Winkelbauer; Riggins Sellin, Hoskins.

Sr. Poles: Kelcy Nagel; Doug Siebrandt; Merlin Petersen-2nd horse; Merlin Petersen-1st horse.

Four-in-a-Line: Merlin Petersen-1st horse, Lynette Petersen, Rhonda Schumacher-1st horse and Doc Schumacher-1st horse; Connie, Dalton, and Kylie Brichacek and Janelle Brester; Alexa and Dyson Cunningham, Derek Cunningham, Wausa, and Dave Cunningham, Wausa; Laura Vogel, Merlin Petersen-2nd horse, Doc Schumacher-2nd horse, and Rhonda Schumacher-2nd horse.

Circular Baton: Lynette and Merlin Petersen-1st horse, Doc Schumacher-1st horse, and Rhonda Schumacher-1st horse; Merlin Petersen-2nd horse, Rhonda Schumacher-2nd horse and Doc Schumacher-2nd horse, and Laura Vogel; Alexa, Dyson, Derek, and Dave Cunningham; Galen, Doug, and Shawn Siebrandt and Alex Hagedorn, West Point.


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