Wausmond One Act crew winds up successful year

NORFOLK — The new co-op of Wausa-Osmond One Act, affectionately branded as Wausmond, ran into some tough competition at State in Norfolk Thursday.

Wausmond’s performance of “Mr. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge,” directed by Sheila and Brad Hoesing, earned one first place rating and two fourth place ratings by the judges.

Those scores were good enough for third place, with David City Aquinas earning the state championship and Ravenna placing as runner-up.

While Wausa is known in One Act across Nebraska as a dynasty, this is not the first time in recent years that a third place finish came in the first year of some changes.

Wausa had won Class D2 state championships from 2006-2010, but in 2011 the school moved up to Class  D1. That year, Wausa placed third before rebounding and winning the D1 state championship from 2012-2017.

Brad Hoesing noticed the pattern with this year’s third place finish.

“Just the fact that these two schools came together, I am really proud of what they did. It is our first year, and the first year we went from D2 to D1 we didn’t win State and we didn’t win runner-up either. We got third, and so then we adjusted and got better, so we will adjust and get better.”

Moving up from Class D1 to C1 comes with advantages like bigger casts, and greater depth, but it also brings a higher level of competition.

Hoesing and the students noticed this, and say next year Wausmond will be ready for another run at State.

“In the other plays that I’ve seen past years, they were still good but not on this level where you have as much going on, the props, the special effects, it is just on a whole different level,” said Osmond senior Brandi Gansebom.

Wausa junior Taylor Kumm agreed.

“I would say as long as I have been in One Act this is the best competition we have ever seen. Lots of times we get one or two that wow us, but today everyone we really went ‘oh wow everyone is the same level here today.’ So we were really unsure going into the award ceremony.”

Wausmond was the first play of the afternoon in Class C1, and Will Hagge, Wausa, said waiting for the awards was suspenseful.

“It will be nerve-racking that is for sure,” said Hagge coming off stage still in his makeup. “I guess the most important thing is that we hope we made an impact as the first play.”

Overall, optimism was in the air after the third place finish.

“I think it will motivate us to try even harder,” said Gansebom.

“We aren’t going to let this affect us long term, if anything it is going to drive us,” agreed Kumm.

“I think our work ethic is there. There are always some things you can do differently, but we will be back,” concluded Brad Hoesing.

Wausmond had three students recognized during the award ceremony. Paige Nissen, Kaitlyn Kumm and Taylor Kumm all earned Outstanding Performer certificates, but the Overall Outstanding Male and Female awards went to Travis Roh and Elizabeth Aschoff of Aquinas Catholic.

Aquinas Catholic won with the play “Sending Down the Sparrow,” directed by Ann Heermann, and Ravenna performed “How the Other Half Dies,” directed by Donna Lewandowski for runner-up.


2018 NSAA Class C1 Play Production

Championship Standings

Aquinas Catholic; Ravenna; Wausa-Osmond; Malcolm; Fillmore Central; Hershey.

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