Wausa school doors to remain closed

School officials will utilize distance learning to educate students

WAUSA — Wausa Public School students may not see the inside of their classrooms the rest of the school year.

Supt. Brad Hoesing said Wausa Public Schools will be moving to a remote/online learning environment indefinitely. 

The decision was made based on recommendations from the Nebraska Commissioner of Education and local health directors.

This does not mean the school year is over. It does mean, however, students will have to begin taking instruction a different way, Hoesing said.

“I want to reiterate that we are not closing and ceasing the school year,” he said. “Throughout this past week as well as this week, WPS teachers, administrators, and staff members have worked tirelessly to provide alternative forms of education to our kids, working hard to ensure rigor, while at the same time trying to conform to new demands on our kids, our parents, and our community.”

Hoesing said he, the rest of the administrative staff and teachers have all been working hard to make the best of a very difficult situation work out for everyone.

“I promise, as your superintendent, that our staff is committed to providing the best education possible for all our students, regardless of age, grade, socioeconomic status, or alternative education/special education needs,” he said  “We will get through this, and my staff will be there to support you, whether you are a preschooler, a senior, or a parent trying to help your kids while working a full-time job. 

Wausa Public School is successful because school administrators and teachers are dedicated to helping the community, Hoesing said.

“Whether you are finishing your college credit class, working on the letter names or sounds in kindergarten, or waiting for that lunch that you as a student and parent need in order to be successful, we are here for you, and will be here for you,.” he said.

School staff and administrators are now working hard to develop a plan for educating the students away from the traditional classroom setting, Hoesing said.

“We will be unfolding a long-term plan for educating our kids in the next several days,” he said.

The plan will include expectations from students, from parents, and from teachers, he said. It will also explain how different  homework assignments will be graded, “to ensure success of our kids while maintaining rigor and relevance to their course work,” he said.

Hoesing said communication is a very big key to making this transition to home-based education work.

“If you have any questions or concerns, please let myself, Mr. Higgins, or your classroom teachers know,” he said.

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