Parents tell how students are adjusting to learning from home

OSMOND — Local parents of Osmond school students were askedto provide input as to how their children are responding to virtual classrooms. Here are two responses we received:

Mostly making the best of a crummy situation. This is just my two cents.

My little girl is in kindergarten at Osmond. She’s getting better about the situation, but is still missing her teacher and classmates something terrible. I think the kids miss their routines at school.

School work has been difficult to get used to as many parents are not teachers. We are forced now to try and help our kids at home. Trying to get a kindergarten student to focus and learn on an iPad is very difficult; they don’t understand or focus that well.

I give credit to Mrs. Kuhl for trying to get us through this school year. I just wonder what the next few weeks look like for students as some parents go back to work. As of right now, we spend 30 minutes to three hours on school work, depending on how fast she gets done orhowmanymeltdowns we have.

I hope in the fall they go over the grade before as a reference for students.

— Alicia Gutz

Overall, doing school at home has been a good experience. We’re able to set our own schedule, take breaks when we need, and work at a pace that works for us. I’ve really enjoyed being engaged with the kids’ learning and learning alongside them.

I’ve struggled with managing the two little ones (ages almost 3 and 16 months) and keeping them occupied while teaching the older kids (fourth and fifth grade), but I’ve also enjoyed how much time the kids get to spend together playing with each other.

The older kids have pitched in with daily chores, and it’s nice to be all together as a family and just see and talk to them during the day. I get the best (and worst) parts of their days, not just the after-school time, and that’s been a blessing to share.

Because we aren’t running all over the place, I feel like we have time to rebound from arguments and hurt feelings that inevitably happen from time to time. It’s taken a while to fall into a new rhythm, but we’ve found our stride, for the most part.

The kids miss their classmates and have enjoyed a few Zoom meetings, but overall, it hasn’t been a long enough absence to be deeply felt yet. We are looking forward to doing some schooling over the summer since we’ve enjoyed it so far, with all its ups and downs.

— Melissa Lind

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