Kindergartners begin education at local schools

OSMOND — Eleven kindergartners began their educational careers at Osmond Community School and St. Mary’s Catholic School.

St. Mary’s Kindergarten 

(Rebecca Geneski)

Five students are in the kindergarten class at St. Mary’s. Kindergartners have been working hard at the beginning of this school year. In math class, they are counting to 10 with one-to-one correspondence, and reviewing shapes. 

In phonics class, they are reviewing the short vowel sounds, and learning that we need the vowels to build words. Soon, they will be sounding out blends or word parts to create accuracy. Religion class has the students discovering that God made the world. God made everything good. God loves us and made each of us special! We are all growing in God’s love this year!

Kindergarten students at St. Mary’s are Kolby Gubbels (left), Raelynn Schieffer, Alivia Vinson, Bennett Aschoff, Clara Steffen.

Osmond Community School

(Leah Kuhl)

Osmond Community School starts the year with a great group of six kindergartners eager to learn.  Kindergarten is always an exciting and busy year for students as it marks the start of their educational career.  

This year plays a big role in building the foundations of learning. These students will be working on a variety of skills, including blending letter sounds to make words, writing letters and words, counting to 100, number recognition, and single-digit addition and subtraction.  

Not only are students working hard on academic skills, but they also build social and emotional skills throughout the year.

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