I am Thankful for..........

Wausa third graders share their feelings with area residents

The following is from the third grade students at Wausa Elementary School, who wrote: “I am thankful for...”

My family because where there are hard times I’m in they help me get through them. My school because I get educated and get smarter so I can continue my success in school and go to college. Also, to soldiers because they fight for millions of peoples lives.

— Jacob Schindler

My family because my family is smart and sweet and my family cares for me and my siblings. I’m thankful for the army, my cousins, and God. Also, teachers are sweet and they care for the kids. I love my family.

—-Rudd Carlson

My family, my friends, my grandma and grandpa, clothes, food, shelter, my cousins, pets, the seasons, books, school and the whole world because they do lots of things for me and help me. Also, they mean the world to me and theory are very special too. I miss some people that I have not seen in awhile. Also, I love gymnastics. I love everybody.

—Hailey Smith

My pets, family and all the people at my school. I am thankful for them because I would not be able to play or live without them.

— Kyson Doerr

Mrs. Hennings, earth, Shelby, friends, teachers, third grade, fourth grade, marines, grandparents, God, farmers, classmates, Santa, Collyns, Stella, Koy, Rhett, Carrie, Jared, Brooklyn, Reagan, Kennedy, Gunnar, Kason, Haven, Drew, Taylor, Ainsley, Tug, Mark, Anna, Carston, Will, Zach, Amanda because they are so sweet, caring and nice. I love them so much for helping me and making me happy.

— Dawson Kraft Gillilan

My family, pizza, my life, my grandma and grandpa because they help me with homework when I need it. They are so helpful and nice I am also thankful for school and phone that can help you call if you need help..

— Kinzlee Grashorn

Food, family, school, friends, pet, books, God because some help me survive and the rest are nice and sweet. Have a good Thanksgiving..

—Trace Wakeley

My family, teachers, grandmas, grandpas, and my cousins. I’m thankful for those things because my family take care of me and my teachers help me learn and also I’m thankful for my grandma and grandpa because theory are really fun and they make the best food. I’m thankful for my cousins because they come to my birthday and we have a lot of fun. That is what I am thankful for.

—Ashton Baue

My family, friends, class mates, cousins, 3rd grade, 4th grade, God, Jesus, my teachers, Mrs. Hennings, Mr. Higgins, grandmas, grandpas, and our school. My pets because all those things are nice caring and sweet. My mom and dad and my siblings too. I’m thankful for the world, people, animals, and clothes, toys, water, food, shelter, air medicine, Mrs. Mohr, Mrs. Shelly, Mrs. Bloomquist, books and gymnastics.

— Kendra Kleinschmit

Family, toys, and pets because I love my mom and dad and my brother, and my toys and my pets.

—Evan Dwain Kirby

Army, military, U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marines, Sam, mom, third grade, 4th grade, and all 30 pets because they are all family somehow.

— Lane Jacob Murray

My family, God, friends, school, Grandma, Grandpa, and pets because they are nice, sweet and cute.

— Gaven Schreiner

My parents because they take care of me everyday, siblings because when my mom and dad are gone then I won’t be lonely. Pets because then I could learn how to take care of things well, teachers for then I can learn, a home, friends at school, grandparents because they take care of me when my mom and dad are gone and cousins.

— Isabelle Seagren

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