City Office closes to the public; Council will look at top Clubhouse applicants

RANDOLPH — Despite Coronavirus concerns about social contact with others, the Randolph City Council met as usual April 1 at the City Office.

“We are practicing social distancing,’’ Mayor George Bradley said, noting that Council members were not sitting too close to each other.

Business operations in the city due to the Coronavirus restrictions were also discussed at the Council’s monthly meeting.

“None of us have ever been through something like this before,’’ Bradley said. “No one knows what to do. We are in new territory. This is something we never thought would happen.’’

As of Monday, April 6, the city office will be closed. Individuals may call for an appointment. The amount of people in the office will be limited.

Bradley said social distancing may be used or a Zoom computer format may be needed at a special April 15 meeting at 6 p.m. in the city office to discuss hiring a golf course manager.

The format is yet to be decided. When a decision is made, the Council will post the format. Community members are welcome for the open meeting and should watch for postings.

“The city Council will have the final say in hiring the manager,’’ Bradley said.

Seventeen applicants have applied for the position.

According to Bradley, some of the applicants dropped out due to the salary level not being high enough.

“We are looking for someone with experience and a background in operating a bar and a restaurant,’’ he said.

Also Wednesday, two liquor licenses were approved. One license was granted for the golf course clubhouse. Another license was awarded to Seth Lackas for a wedding reception.

Bradley said it is suggested the Golf Board select their three or four top applicants, then the City Council will select the manager.

Council members were told the local grocery store is open as it is an essential business in downtown Randolph during the Coronavirus pandemic. Wattier’s True Value had moved to curbside services only, but has since re-opened.

Cardinal Express is also open, however, no one can eat inside the convenience store. Jerry’s Hilltop is closed for public gatherings, however, it does fill take out orders.

The Council also discussed at length whether to close the bars in Randolph. They decided the two bars, the Drunken Moose and Mrs. Bubba’s, will remain open unless the governor decides to declare them closed. He did just that later in the week and the local establishments were ordered closed at 10 p.m. Friday.

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