City Council uses executive session to look at annexation options

RANDOLPH — The Randolph City Council discussed the consideration for an annex of land southwest of Randolph into the city limits.

The area would be south of True Value, west to Randolph Farm Supply and north to the radio tower.

This would bring the rest of the golf course and water treatment plant into city limits.  

The city would have to have the properties surveyed. it is unknown at this time if the City would have to provide city services.

City Council members were told Wednesday that Randolph’s water supply passed the water tests and chlorination has been discontinued.

The Randolph golf board asked to have the ATM removed from the clubhouse. Fees to use it were high and no percentage came back to the community. It has been removed.

The town’s Website provider will be switched to NPPD and a new Website will be built.

The city also passed the proposed ordinance that the Randolph planning commission suggested after their Feb. 3 meeting.

The items discussed including a limit on trees and obstructions such as various types of vehicles parked where drivers have difficulty seeing around them so that no sidewalk is blocked or imposed upon. Individual citizens can apply for a variance of the city’s ordinance.  

City council members also passed an ordinance against engine braking. Signs will be posted to warn drivers of this rule. The ordinance was based off complaints.

The City’s flood plain project phase II is progressing. The City has two options: a wall or an earth trench. Four homes may be impacted by the project. The City may have to possibly purchase four homes.

The cost of a wall may be substantial.

The City also is considering getting rid of East Park Street and turning West Park Street into a one-way single lane street.

A project for lights along Highway 20 is underway. Lights may be extended to include area near Wattier’s True Value.

The City phone system will be upgraded with multiple phone lines added. This would also cut the phone bill in half.

Peggy Leiting delivered an annual report on the library activities.

The City Council discussed the sale of city property items with a possible sealed bid process.

Road repairs were also discussed.

Mayor George Bradley asked about items for the pool season. Scott Wattier has been contacted to work on the bathrooms. A water heater is needed.

March 2 will be the next city council meeting at 5:30 p.m.

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