LCC fourth graders write about their Kindergarten friends

Maya Jo Brummels

By Harper Bruning

Maya lives in the country outside of Coleridge. She is 6 years old. Her dad’s name is Tom and mom’s name is Stephanie. She has 1 brother named Karson. She has 2 cats named Hoppy and Socks and 1 dog named Buster.

Maya’s favorite thing to do after school and on the weekends is to play her ipad. She likes the colors teal and green.  The letter M is her favorite and she likes the number 100. She likes the shape of a circle. She also likes meatloaf, music, and the show Mickey Mouse. Her favorites movie are The Greatest Showman and The Cat in the Hat.

Maya’s summer plans are going to the zoo and aquarium.  When Maya grows up she wants to be an airplane attendant.  An airplane attendant gets people food. How Maya will become an airplane attendant is by going to college and getting lots of training.



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