Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2017

County Supervisors hold One and Six Year Road Hearing

CENTER — There is always road and bridge work to be done in Knox County.
Hwy. Supt. Kevin Barta provided information on the 2016-17 road budget, gave a report on machinery that had been purchased and addressed immediate and future road projects during the public hearing for the One and Six Year Road Plan.
Three maps showing locations for bridge and road projects were on display in the Supervisor Room at the Knox County Courthouse during the Feb. 9 Supervisor meeting.
Board members will review their options and take steps to approve the One and Six Year Road Plan at the next Supervisor meeting.
The 2016-17 road budget had been set at $3,359,250 which was an increase of only $3,410 from the previous years fiscal year budget of $3,355,840.
The estimated funds that Knox County will receive from the State Hwy. Allocation Funds for 2016-17 year was projected to be $1,689,328.
“We received $980,326 so far in seven months. At this rate we should receive a total of $1,680,560,” Barta said.

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The remaining amount of $1,669,921 or 50 percent of the budget comes from taxes levied for the county, State motor vehicle tax, county surplus sales and other sources.

“Currently we have spent 48 percent of the budget we have about 52 percent left,” Barta said. “There is 42 percent of time left in this budget.”

Barta gave a detailed report on road and bridge work that had been completed during the first half of the 2016-17 fiscal budget year.

Two gravel road projects were completed in 2016: just under one-half mile southeast of Verdigre and three/fourths of a mile between Center and Verdigre.

A hard surface road project that was completed north of Center cost $294,910. Four miles of the hard surface road were stripped and armor coated.

Six bridges were replaced in 2016: two bridges southeast of the Rolling Hills Golf Course by Wausa in Columbia Twp.; a Federal Buyback steel truss bridge in Walnut Grove Twp.; two bridges east of Creighton, one in Creighton Twp. and one on the Creighton/Cleveland Twp. line; and a steel truss bridge in Western Twp.

Eight bridge projects are expected to be completed during  2017: a steel truss bridge on the Lincoln/Dowling Twp. line; a Federal Buyback truss bridge in Frankfort Twp.; a wood bridge on the Morton/Dowling Twp. line; a narrow bridge located on a curve on the Columbia/Morton Twp. line; a BIA 80 percent funded bridge in Harrison Twp.; a Federal Aid bridge in Sparta Twp.; a steel truss bridge in Western Twp.; and a bridge in Creighton Twp. that is part of the County Bridge Match Program.

State funds in the amount of $150,000 from the County Bridge Match Program will go towards the total cost of $330,000 for the bridge in Creighton Twp.

Two bridges in the Wausa area – one by the city park and one by the golf course – will be upgraded with new guardrails this year.

According to Barta there are close to 35 fracture critical bridges left in Knox County.

Barta provided the board members information on the machinery that had been purchased.

A new 2016 John Deere Motorgrader was purchased for District Three for $294,250 which less a trade-in amount of $55,000. The money for the purchase came out of the Inheritance Fund.