Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

Brick walls at Courthouse to be preserved

CENTER — Knox County Board members continue to watch over the renovation project that is taking place at the Knox County Courthouse.

The over $1 million renovation project involves construction on a three-story addition, new restrooms, updating the courtroom and a stairwell along with an elevator that would be in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

Board members agreed – with a six-to-one vote – to take steps to preserve and expose a portion of the original brick wall in two of the rooms in the new addition on the south side of the building.

The brick walls will be cleaned and sealed.

Supervisor Danny Schlote was in favor of showing off as much as possible of the brick wall in the new addition

“The cost is minimal,” Schlote said. “and it preserves a little bit of history.”

Knox County will purchase two new traffic counters.

The county will receive ASSIST grant funds in the amount of $598 through Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association to help pay for the items.

An amount of $100,000 was made available to Nebraska counties through ASSIST, according to Knox County Highway Supt. Kevin Barta.

“The traffic counters will be used wherever we need them. The traffic counter can give us a count on the type of vehicles that are traveling on the road – whether it is trucks, pickups or cars,” Barta said.

The Knox County Road Dept. has denied a request received from the Village of Center, concerning repairing potholes with the county’s road patch machine.

“We haven’t been doing anything within the city limits for other towns,” Barta said.

“We have to be fair and treat all of the towns the same – no matter the size of the town,” Schlote said.

Barta was able to provide the village with some other options and gave them the names of some suppliers.

Employees from the Knox County Road Dept. will attend a NIRMA Safety Training in Hartington, Jan. 15.

“Attendance is mandatory for our employees – I want everyone to attend. It is important. It is good to know why and what can happen,” Barta said.

The Knox Co. Road Dept. will use inserts, which will be included with the valuation notices that will be mailed out next summer, to remind land owners that roadsides need to be mowed.

If roadsides are not mowed, the county will mow and assess charges to the landowner.

“Mainly it is the absentee land owners, although there are a few local landowners who are not mowing,” Barta said.

Action was taken to approve the Agricultural Administrative Plat for the Dale Kohles Estate located west of Bloomfield in part of the NE1/4 Sec 5, Morton Twp.

A building site will be split off of the property.

The approval was done with the stipulation the taxes had to be paid in full on the whole quarter section of land.

Board members gave their approval on a boundary adjustment for Kent and Mary Snowden in Sec 16, T33N, R7W – Raymond Twp.

The adjustment involved a driveway.