Published On: Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

Farmer charged with animal cruelty

CENTER — The Knox County Sheriff’s Office received a report April 15 about livestock allegedly being neglected at a farm located two miles west and one and a half miles north of Crofton. 

After receiving pictures of the dead and starving cattle, a deputy went to the scene to investigate.  Eleven head of Charolais cattle were dead and 17 head were undernourished. The Deputy instructed the owners to turn the herd out to the pasture on the property, which was the only food source available at the time.

A veterinarian was called to the scene to assess the condition of the living cattle. One additional cow had to be euthanized, due to its condition. The remainder of the herd was given a body score condition between one and two. The veterinarian then instructed the owners about feed rations and vaccinations for the cattle, to help improve their body condition. A rendering truck was then called to the scene, to remove the dead and decaying cattle.

The Deputy remained on the scene until the owners provided oats and mineral tubs to help supplement the available food sources. A report will be forwarded to the Knox County Attorney asking for charges of animal neglect to be filed with the Knox County Court. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor the cattle until the County Attorney advises not to.