Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

Wausa TeamMates win

WAUSA — Wausa TeamMates led the state of Nebraska last week in recruiting the most new mentors.

The “Coaches Challenge,” as the competition is dubbed, is a challenge between Nebraska’s Tom Osborne and Bill Snyder, Kansas State, to see which state can recruit more mentors.

For their efforts, Wausa TeamMates won a pack of Coaches Challenge posters to distribute in the community. The challenge is ongoing and the Wausa TeamMates continue to look for people to volunteer as mentors.

TeamMates is a school-based mentoring program where adults spend an hour a week meeting with their mentee in school, building a relationship and becoming a role model for that young student.

Anyone interested can contact any one of the following board members for more information: Russ Koehler, Chris Johnson, Diane Schumacher, Jane Wilbeck, Scott Kinkaid or Darren Vanness.