Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

Wausa School, town are knit together

WAUSA —   There is an intricate connection between the Wausa School and the Wausa community.

Work is currently underway on a strategic plan for the Wausa School.

School board members and Supt. Brad Hoesing want the community’s involvement in putting the plan in place and have been reaching out to the people in the Wausa community for input.

Target strategies and action plans were discussed during the Jan. 19 Wausa School Board meeting.

“The community needs to be involved. At least 80 percent of the funds that are used to support the school come from the local property taxes. A large portion of those taxes come from Ag properties,” Hoesing said. “The school receives zero state aid. People need to be calling their senators.”

Five areas will be targeted in the strategic plan: educational programs, maintaining and expanding student enrollment, school facilities and transportation, food service and technology and programs.

“We need to talk about job opportunities in the area. How do we keep kids in this area and how do we encourage others to come back,” Hoesing said.

Job opportunities within the community need to be promoted to the students.

An entrepreneurial course that would provide options for vocational internships and job shadowing with a local business could be offered, according to Hoesing.

Relationships need to be developed between the school and community entities which include the Wausa Village Board, Economic Development and the Community Club, Township Library Board, Wausa School Foundation and Community Foundation, the Ag community, Senior Citizens, Youth Leagues and the Ministerial Association.

“The senior citizens are a great resource to learn about the school and town history,” Hoesing said. “I want to meet with the Ministerial Association more often. They see a different side to the community.”

The town and the school are intertwined. Working together on a strategic plan will provide a benefit for everyone.

“Without the town the school becomes less and without the school the town becomes less,” Hoesing said.

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