Published On: Thu, Apr 27th, 2017

Wausa School Board and administration is proud of student accomplishments

WAUSA — Wausa School board members and administrative staff are proud of the accomplishments of their students.
Wausa School has 11 students that will be headed for Future Business Leaders of American (FBLA) National Competition at Anaheim, Calif. The students took top honors at the FBLA State competition. The cost for each student will be close to $1,025 for airfare and hotel according to Supt. Brad Hoesing.
The total cost will be over $13,000. Fund raisers will be held and some donations have been received and more could be coming in. Board members discussed if there would be any funds available that could be used to help with the cost of the trip.
“I think it is important to support something like this,” Hoesing said. “Let’s wait until next month to see how much they raise.”
Board members placed their approval on the junior high and high school English/Language Arts Curriculum in the amount of $10,806 during the April 17 school board meeting.
The curriculum is for eighth grade thru twelfth grade according to Tish Hennings, PK-8 Principal.
“It follows our elementary curriculum,” Hennings said.
Hennings and Hoesing are not in favor of doing away with text books for the students.
Two new treadmills will be purchased for the Fitness Center and new lockers will be placed in locker rooms at the school.
The treadmills at the Fitness Center are worn out according to Hoesing.
“One will not work. They don’t even sell parts for either of them anymore,” Hoesing said.
Hoesing suggested using the dues that have been collected in the past, which would be $4,442, and then taking the remaining amount out of the athletic or miscellaneous funds. The total amount for the treadmills would be $6,084.
Nova Fitness Equipment, Omaha, will allow an education discount for the purchase.
The quote for the lockers for three small locker rooms came in just over $9,000. The heavy-duty ventilated double tier lockers will be wrapped around the rooms.
“The material will let air flow through the lockers,” Hoesing said. “A wrap around bench will also be constructed and placed in front of the lockers. The old benches in the rooms will be taken out.”
Action was tabled on the purchases for light fixtures, a printer and new doors for the gymnasium.
A bid that had been received for 156 light fixtures that would be used in the elementary area was discussed. Board members decided to table taking any action until a second bid is received. A LED rebate for over $3,000 would be available for the purchase.
“The LED lighting will be a savings for the school as the fixtures use a lower wattage,” Hoesing said.
Board members and Hoesing want to get some additional information before purchasing a printer. The cost for a Cannon large format printer plus supplies would be $6,939. A $5,000 mini grant from Great Plains would bring the cost down to $1,939.
“This is a high-end printer. The printer could be used for banners and numerous other things,” Hoesing said. “It would be used all the time.”
The printer, which had been found on-line, was the cheapest one Hoesing could find.
Board members had concerns with service for the equipment and the cost of supplies that would be needed in the future.
Board member Otto Woockman asked who would be doing the service on the printer.
“Let’s do some research on what the cost of the cartridges would be and compare with cartridges used in other printers,” said board member Terry Nelson.
Hoesing said he wants to get some more figures before they move ahead with replacing the doors on the south side of the gym.
Hoesing and board members talked about selecting an architect who would look at the school and develop a plan on making improvements on the older school building.
Hoesing wants to gather more information before action is taken.
“Time is on our side – this doesn’t have to be done immediately,” Hoesing said. “I am not overly concerned about this. I want the board to be comfortable with who we approve.”
Academic testing is underway in the elementary according to Hennings.
NeSA testing is almost complete and MAPS will soon be done. AIMS Web testing is scheduled to begin April 25.
Board members went into executive session to discuss teacher’s salary.
The schedule for classified staff salary was set an hourly rate of $10.70.