Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

Wausa mother delivers baby in car on Hwy 81

WAUSA — Scott and Melissa Doerr, who live in the Wausa area, were headed to the hospital in Yankton Monday evening when their baby was born. The Doerrs had just turned onto Hwy 81 and were a mile north of the Hwy 81/84 Jct when they stopped.

Scott dialed 911 and asked for assistance.

An eight lb., seven oz., baby boy was born only a few minutes after the call was made.

Everything happened so fast the baby’s mother didn’t really have time to think that much about giving birth in a car rather than in a delivery room at the hospital.

“It all happened so fast. My water broke only 20 minutes before the baby was born,” Melissa said.

This is the second child for the Scott and Melissa who live about five miles south of Wausa.

Cedar County dispatcher Benjamin Gall answered the 911 call that came in at 6:37 p.m., Monday evening.

A baby was about to be born.

The parents were on Hwy 81 on their way to the hospital in Yankton. Gall assisted the father with instructions on the delivery while dispatching an officer and EMTs to the scene.

“The baby’s head was crowning when the call came in. It all happened very fast,” Gall said. “I walked him through step by step on the delivery. The wife is an R.N. — she knew what to do.”

Gall, who lives in Randolph, used the Emergency Medical Dispatch training he had received when he completed his training to be certified as a dispatcher at the Law Enforcement Academy in Grand Island.

Deputy Travis Howell, who was in the Hartington area, was sent to the scene which was about one mile north of the Hwy 81/84 Jct although the baby was born before he arrived.

Crofton Police Department also responded to the call but arrived after the birth.

The mother and baby were transported to the hospital in Yankton by the Crofton ambulance.