Published On: Thu, May 30th, 2013

Wausa High ranks seventh nationally for personal finance

NEW YORK — Administrators, teachers, and students from the top ranked schools from across the country attended a w!se awards ceremony hosted by the New York Stock Exchange Monday, May 20, 2013. The awards ceremony recognized high schools that teach personal finance.

Among those attending were Dawn and Gavin Friedrich, Wausa. Dawn is the Business Instructor at Wausa Public Schools and Gavin is a personal finance student as well as her son. Gavin was part of the ceremony as he provided a testimonial about the importance of learning personal finance in high school. Wausa took home the 7th place award in the national ranking for having students pass the national financial literacy certification test.  Working in Support of Education (w!se) is a leading New York City based educational not-for-profit organization.

The release of the rankings marks the 10th anniversary of the w!se Financial Literacy Certification Program, which provides teachers with a curriculum and instructional resources to teach personal finance and to measure student knowledge through the w!se standardized Certification Test. Students passing the test are designated Certified Financially Literate™, which shows that they are financially capable when they graduate. Since its introduction, the program has become integral to personal finance instructions in thousands of classrooms across the United States and is now offered in 28 states. In Wausa, Personal Finance has been taught for the past 14 years but the school has only been participating in the W!se program since 2011.  Personal Finance is primarily offered to high school seniors in Wausa. Since beginning in 2011, the class test averages have ranged from 78-87 percent. Several students have scored above 90 percent on this test with one student scoring 100 percent  In 2011 and 2012, Wausa was placed on the top 100 schools in the nation from the w!se organization.

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