Published On: Thu, Feb 7th, 2013

Wausa FBLA set to kick off National FBLA Week with prizes, activities

WAUSA — National FBLA Week is approaching fast as Wausa’s FBLA members prepare activities for the chapter. During the week of Feb. 11, the following activities are being planned: lunch tray sticker day, lottery raffle, school scavenger hunt, color day, and business dress-up day.

Monday, everyone in high school who eats the school lunch is eligible for a prize. If they find an FBLA sticker on the bottom of their tray, then they’re a winner.

Informational postcards explaining what FBLA is will be handed out to customers at Main Street Grocery. Also Monday, high school students are able to purchase tickets for the lottery raffle being held Tuesday. After each period Tuesday, a winning ticket number will be announced. The winner must then correctly answer a question about FBLA in order to receive their prize.

Wednesday, FBLA is hosting a scavenger hunt for the high school. Different FBLA logos will be placed around the high school, with some having greater point value than others. The person with the most points by the end of the day will win a prize.

Each class has been given their designated colors to wear Thursday for color day. Whichever overall class is the best dressed will get a prize, as well as whomever is the best dressed in each class.

FBLA members will be dressing in business attire Friday, and there will be guest speakers to talk to the high school during the day.

To finish off the week, members will be helping with the Cattlemen’s Banquet Saturday.

The theme for this year’s FBLA chapter is “Igniting Innovation”.

It will be a busy and fun-filled week for the whole high school, especially the FBLA members.