Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Supervisors talk about safety

CENTER — A safety issue on a county road was part of the discussion at the latest Knox County Supervisor meeting.
County board members and Hwy. Supt. Kevin Barta talked about some concerns they have at a location approximately seven miles north of Bloomfield.
The traffic is congested in an area by the Mark Miller feed lot, located on the oiled county road north of Bloomfield that runs alongside a cemetery.
“It is a dangerous situation,” Barta said. “There are a lot of semis and farm equipment on the road. Trucks are pulling out. There is a lot of traffic through here.”
Barta and the Supervisors have been working with Miller to put in a frontage road on the east side of the property.
The land owner will participate with the cost of the project.
“It is a dangerous situation, with buildings on both sides of the road. We want to do what we can to help,” Supervisor Danny Schlote said.
There is a fence in the right-of-way, which is also a liability, according to Supervisor Marty O’Connor.
“This is a liability issues for the county,” O’Connor said.
“We can tell Miller the steel posts and the gates can not be left in the ditch. It is up to the board,” Barta said.
After some discussion board members were firm with their decision that man-made obstructions can not be placed in the R.O.W., according to a Nebraska Statute.
The fence can not stay in the R.O.W., according to Supervisor Virgil Miller.
Megan Hanefeldt, Knox County Economic Development Director, and Kevin Christensen, Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District, presented applications for a Reuse loan application.
Board members approved a subordination agreement for Doug Joseph, who had formally done business as Grand Central, Creighton. Joseph had received a $30,000 loan from Knox County in 2009 for renovation, equipment and inventory for his business, Grand Central, which served breakfast and lunch/dinner. All of the payments have been made and a little over one-half of the loan has been paid. The business closed in 2014 and has been for sale. During this time there has been some roof damage on the building. The loan would be used to help with some of the cost to repair the roof. This will help with selling the building to a prospective business start-up or expansion.
The application by Pitzer Digital, LLC., for $35,300 in revolving loan funds was approved.
The funds will be used to purchase equipment and inventory which is included in the purchase of the Bloomfield Monitor newspaper in Bloomfield. The $35,300 from the Knox County revolving loan will be used along with a bank loan. The loan is part of a larger project that is going on, according to Christensen.
A hearing was held on a request for closing portions of two roads in Walnut Grove Township, located in the southwest corner of Knox County.
Board members directed Hwy Supt Kevin Barta to conduct a study on a one-mile stretch of 873 Road between the S1/2 Sec 15 and the N1/2 Sec 22 and the north half-mile portion of 514 Ave between the NW1/4 Sec 26 and the NE1/4 Sec 27.
“The bridge would remain on the location of the road between sections 26 and 27,” Barta said. “It is a dead-end road.”
All of the land owners have been notified, according to Barta.
Board members discussed the need to hire someone for a snow/ice removal service for the sidewalks at the Courthouse complex and the sidewalks by the storage unit and the garage.
An ad will be placed in the newspaper for the snow/ice removal contract.
Board members talked about the number of people that have been speeding through construction sites.
“They are just flying down the road and not hardly even slowing down,” Supervisor Danny Schlote said.