Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

Sen. Larson’s residence is being questioned

OMAHA — A recent Omaha World Herald report recently questioned whether or not Dist. 40 Sen. Tyson Larson actually resides in his home district.
The report said Larson stays in Omaha most of the time.
The main reason he’s in Omaha, the 31-year-old legislator said, is because of his son. He has temporary sole custody of him, and enrolled him in an Omaha Westside district school for the boy’s stability, and because a custody battle with his ex-wife, who lives in the Omaha area, is not yet resolved, the Omaha newspaper reported.
In a World Herald interview, Larson insisted while his son’s residency is in Omaha, his own official residence is a rented basement room at a Bloomfield farmhouse — even though officials in that county say they cannot confirm that, and have been told he’s not there and hasn’t paid rent there.
Larson said he can still effectively represent his constituents in the State Legislature; his last visit to his district was two weekends ago.