Published On: Fri, Apr 21st, 2017

Road issues top the Knox County Supervisors meeting

CENTER — Roads took up a large portion of the Knox County Supervisor meeting on April 13.
Two bids that had been received on asphalt oil were opened.
Board members accepted the lowest bid that had been submitted by Jebro Inc., Sioux City, Iowa.  Mike Spahr, from Jebro, spoke to board members during the meeting.
“The price is down this year. This is about as cheap as you will ever get it,” Spahr said.
Bids amounts on cost of oil for 2017 from Jebro, Inc included the following:
MC3000 oil: $1.85 per gal.
MC70 oil: $2.44
MC250 oil: $2.31
Hwy. Supt. Kevin Barta was satisfied with the bid amounts.
“These prices are about 10 cents a gallon cheaper than last year’s price,” he said.
Barta talked to board members about some county road equipment that has been giving the road workers problems.

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