Published On: Thu, Feb 7th, 2013

Proposed Wausa area cell tower meets opposition

CENTER — U.S. Cellular has hit some hurdles in an attempt to put up a tower in the Wausa area.

A permit to construct a 250 foot tower and place a 12’ x 24’ communication shelter at a proposed site approximately one mile south and one mile west of Wausa has been filed by USCCOC Nebraska/Kansas LLC.

The Knox County Planning Commission approved the permit with conditions that include having an adjoining land owner sign an impact easement for the setback on the tower.

Dennis Milander, who owns the adjoining land in the N1/2NE1/4 Sec 31, Lincoln Twp, lives in Texas and has refused to sign the easement.

Two representatives from U.S. Cellular met with the Supervisors Jan. 31 and asked the board members to approve a conditional use permit for the tower even though the signature by the adjoining land owner has not been secured.

Project manager, Michele Roth, presented a certificate that had been signed by an engineer stating the tower would be a safe structure and would not be a hazard to the adjoining land owner.

Knox County Supervisors were hesitant to approve the request for an adjustment on the setback although they did see a need for the tower.

“We all like our cell phones and we would really like to have good reception,” said Supervisor Rayder Swanson.

Supervisor Jim Fuchtman said he wants the tower but the proposed location does not meet the zoning requirements for setbacks.

“If we do this, it would set a precedent,” he said.

Supervisor Danny Schlote said he had received one letter which voiced an objection to the permit.

“My recommendation would be to move the location for the tower further south and east and then it would meet setback requirements,” Schlote said.

Board members tabled making a decision until the next meeting.