Published On: Thu, May 18th, 2017

Nissen makes school record a family affair

HARTINGTON — At the District D-1 Track Meet Paige Nissen delivered an early Mother’s Day gift.
She broke a school record in the 200-meter dash. In laying claim to the record, she achieved one of the goals she had set for the season, and her mother was there to see the moment.
There is a twist, though.

Lisa Nissen (left) stands with her daughter Paige (right) at District Track Wednesday, April 10 in Hartington. Paige broke the record held by Lisa since 1984 for the 200m with a time of 26.02. The former record was 26.04.

The record that Paige broke was set by her mother, Lisa, in 1984.
“Breaking my mom’s record was definitely one of my goals,” said Paige Nissen.
In 1984 Lisa Anderson ran a 26.4 and set a record that many tried but failed to top.
Fast forward 33 years later, she is now Lisa Nissen, and her tenth grade daughter finally is the one to beat her record, clocking in at 26.2.
“It was really exciting,” said Lisa Nissen. “We had just been waiting for it all year long, and she was getting so close. She got a little frustrated at times, but when she finally did it she pointed at me and said ‘it’s official.’”
Nissen will remember that 26.2 seconds for a while now, because not only did it set the record, but it also gave her the best qualifying time in all of Class D at this week’s state competition at Burke Stadium in Omaha.
On the Wausa record board, you will see the name Lisa Anderson frequently.
She is tied with her daughter Paige with a 12.8 100 meter dash. She now has the runner-up spot behind her daughter in the 200 meter. She holds the 100 meter hurdles record with a 15.2, and those three were all set in 1984. In her senior year, she was a part of the 1985 4×100 meter relay team that ran a 51.8.
With Paige only being a sophomore there is a chance she can still break more records too, but she did say that hurdles are not her thing.
“I tried running them in junior high track, and it was not for me,” said Paige.
Paige qualified for the 4×100, 100 meter dash, and 200 meter dash at this week’s state track meet, and could come home with some medals if she runs as well as she did at the district meet.
Nissen will be running  her 100 and 200 meter dash prelim races on Friday, and will be running the relay on Saturday.
The finals for the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes are also being run on Saturday.