Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

Knox County Assessments are in

CENTER —  Knox County Supervisors reviewed and placed on file the three-year Plan of Assessment that was presented by County Assessor Monica McManigal.

A Plan of Assessment is required by Nebraska statute.

“The Plan is a way for the State to make sure we are doing an assessment on a six-year rotation,” McManigal said.

The review work on agricultural properties, which began in June 2017, is expected to take close to three years. Blaser Appraisal was hired to review the rural farm sites. Office staff from the Assessor’s Office will be completing a review of the farmsteads the appraisal company will not be visiting.

A market analysis of agricultural sales by land classification groupings will be conducted to determine if any adjustments need to be made.

“As in the past, all sales will be plotted on a county map in our office showing the market areas and the price paid,” McManigal said.

Review work of all town and village parcels had been completed and were entered for 2017. The yearly maintenance will include reviews completed on property that sold and pickup work on the construction of new buildings.

Yearly maintenance will be done for the lake parcels, which includes building permits, sale reviews and pickup work.

Organization will begin in the fall of 2018, to complete a full review of the approximately 1,750 parcels in the lake area.

An appraisal review of commercial properties, with door-to-door inspections, will begin in 2018. Each year physical inspections are always done on any building permits that are filed.

Knox County generally has a low number of commercial sales, which include many single type sales, according to McManigal.  Sales are hard to compare with other sales of similar property because of the uniqueness and the small number of properties selling.

The 2017 abstract for Knox County shows a total of 11,052 parcels, which includes 4,922 residential/recreational; 621 commercial and 5,509 agricultural.

The 2017 total valuation for Knox County shown on the abstract is $2,041,165,315. A little over 84 percent of the total valuation comes from agricultural property located in Knox County.

The 2017 abstract includes 1,475 personal property schedules.

The proposed 2017-2018 budget for the Assessor’s Office is a little over $230,300; the Re-appraisal budget $31,460.

Staff includes Assessor, Deputy Assessor and three full-time clerk/appraisers.