Published On: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

German couple fascinated by fireflies, Wausa area western town

WAUSA — A couple from Germany visited the Wausa area as they were traveling across the United States.
Trevor and Gabriele Williams are in the midst of a 54-day trip to explore different areas in the U.S.
“We live in Southern Bavaria, it is northeast of Munich,” Trevor said. “We are visiting some friends at different locations in America and are also taking time to see different parts of this country.”

Dan Wamberg shows Trevor Williams one of the many antiques on display at Wausa’s Little Village during a tour last Thursday.

The couple had been searching online for places to stay when they found information on Kathy and Curt Henning’s Guest House, located south of Wausa.
The Hennings enjoyed spending time and getting to know Trevor and Gabriele after they arrived in the Wausa area.
“We really enjoy talking to them and hearing their stories. They also lived in New Zealand for a number of years and Gabriele has been a mid-wife. They are so interesting and have a lot of knowledge,” Kathy said. “While they were staying at our place, they saw some fire flies one evening. They were very intrigued by the fire flies. They looked up information online to find out more about them.”
Trevor and Gabriele had wanted to find out more about the rural areas and they were very interested in history.
“I was born in a rural area in England in a farming community,” Trevor said.
Kathy and Curt Hennings took the couple from Germany on a tour through Wausa and made a stop at the Broadway Mercantile, owned by Dan and Angie Wamberg.
An opportunity also came up for Trevor and Gabriele to tour the Wamberg’s “small western village” which was going to be open for the Knox County Leadership Program during the time the couple would be staying in the Wausa area.
Trevor and Gabriele took time to view some of the many antiques on display at the “small western town” located northwest of Wausa. They loved making a stop at the Trading Post, as well as the Saloon and General Store in the western town.
When Trevor was asked what he thought of the “small western village,” his reply was “this is fantastic.”
The year’s trip to the U.S. is not the first time for the couple. Trevor, who is 75, said he has visited America at least five times.
“I love America. I love the Americans. Everyone in America has always been so good to us,” he said. “I like all of America, the big cities and the small towns. The small towns in the rural areas do seem a little more – what should I say – homey.”
One of Trevor’s dreams had been to see “Route 66” in America.
U.S. 66 was established in 1926 and later became known as the Main Street of America. The popular song, “Route 66,” includes lyrics “Get your kicks on Route 66 – it winds from Chicago to L.A., more than 2000 miles all the way.”
On this trip, the couple flew into Chicago, Ill., visited Stillwater, Minn., which borders Wisconsin, and ended up driving to Tipton, Iowa, a small town in eastern Iowa and then on to a rural area by Wausa.
After leaving Nebraska, their travel plans include Spearfish, S.D,. and making several stops as they drive west to Portland, Ore.  They will travel through parts of California and tour the Grand Canyon and then head back east. The last part of the trip could end up fulfilling Trevor’s dream of getting his kicks while driving across “Route 66.”