Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

Laurel Advocate Public Notices 2.1.17

The annual meeting of the Laurel Senior Citizens Center, Inc. will be held on February 7, 2017 located at 200 Elm Street. The meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. A complete agenda is available at the Laurel Senior Citizens Center.
Laurel Senior
Citizens Center
Board of Directors
Notice is hereby given that on January 13, 2017, in the County Court of Cedar County, Nebraska, the Registrar issued a written Statement of Informal Probate of the Will of said deceased, and that Kevin Cunningham, whose address is 4140 Iowa Avenue, Grand Island, NE 68803, was informally appointed by the Registrar as Personal Representative of the estate.
Creditors of this estate must file their claims with this Court on or before March 20th, 2017, or be forever barred.
Diane L. Sudbeck
Clerk of the County Court
PO Box 695
Hartington, NE 68739
Keelan P. Holloway, #24681
Monson & Holloway Law Offices PC, LLO
PO Box 708
Laurel, NE 68745
P: (402) 256-3219
F: (402) 256-8080
Cedar County, Nebraska, will hold a Public Hearing at the Cedar County Commissioners Office, Hartington, Nebraska, on the 14th day of February, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. for the purpose of presenting and reviewing the One and Six Year Improvement Program.
People wishing to discuss and review this program are to come to the Commissioners Office on the 14th of February 2017.
Cedar County
Notice of
Public Hearing
Notice of Posting
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a Public Hearing of the City of Laurel, Nebraska, will be held to consider the One and Six Year Street Improvement Plan for the City of Laurel, Nebraska, to be held on February 13, 2017 @ 6:00  PM.
Said hearing is open to the public. An agenda for such hearing, kept continuously current, is available for inspection at the office of the City Clerk in Laurel, Nebraska.
James A Litchfield
Class A Street Supt.
For the City of Laurel
January 9, 2017
Mayor Mark Patefield called the Council meeting to order at 6:03 P.M.  Roll Call: Knudsen, Koch, Garber, Johnson.  Administrator Mark McCoy, Clerk Carlson, and Attorney Holloway were also present. Guests:  Deanna Anderson and Lori Hansen.
The Open Meetings act was posted and acknowledged.  Notice of the meeting was published in the Laurel Advocate and posted in three public places.  The agenda was on file at the Clerk’s office and kept continually current.  Advance notice of the agenda & meeting were given to the Mayor & Council.
Koch made a motion, Garber second to approve the December minutes.  Roll Call Vote: Aye – Koch, Garber, Johnson, Knudsen.  Motion carried.
Knudsen made a motion, Johnson second to approve the December claims. December, 2016
GENERAL: Payroll… 8880.73; EFTPS… 2474.40; NE Dept of Rev… 260.44; Leaf… 101.95; United Healthcare… 2849.06; Aflac… 59.40; Electric… 240.94; Laurel Chamber… 120.00; Laurel Vet Clinic… 30.00; Black Hills Energy… 96.93; Laurel Advocate… 6.27; Laurel True Value… 90.53; Laurel Welding… 2074.32; Monson/Holloway… 852.00; Pitney Bowes Inc… 329.10; Principal Finance Group… 34.20; ABB… 212.41; Aramark… 148.40; Gary’s Foodtown… 77.87; One Office Solution… 70.62; Quill… 10.99; Security Bank… 23.88
PUBLIC WORKS: B.O.K. Financial… 2445.16; Payroll… 21729.42; EFTPS… 7660.76; NE Dept of Rev… 5165.54; United Healthcare… 4223.92; Aflac… 201.72; Electric Rev. Bond Series (2015)… 12360.00; Cedar County Treasurer… 1110.00; Hansen Brothers Parts & Service… 697.13; The Parts House… 8.73; Electric… 2471.98; Laurel Chamber… 160.00; L.J. Mallatt… 1225.00; Rutjens Construction Inc… 79054.25; Black Hills Energy… 1214.75; Burns Welding… 889.47; CKPPD… 48964.14; Corner Mart… 652.89; Dept of Energy… 13593.82; Grainger… 128.40; Kriz-Davis Co… 301.07; Laurel True Value… 216.14; Laurel Welding… 57.85; Midwest Lab, Inc… 161.50; Monson/Holloway… 506.00; NE Public Health Env. Lab… 15.00; Seals & Service Inc… 182.50; Sooland Bobcat… 17.50; Security Bank… 503.32; JEO… 1278.00; Physical Therapy Clinic Fund… 729.37; Principal Finance Group… 68.40; T&R Electric… 2318.00; Business Card… 548.77; Timothy P. Hansen/RVOC Trust… 986.95; ABB… 100.67; Aramark… 913.32; Chart Pool USA Inc… 99.51; Gary’s Foodtown… 78.01; One Call Concept… 6.06; U.S. Cellular… 60.39
PUBLIC HEALTH & SAFETY: Payroll… 11691.93; EFTPS… 4232.76; NE Dept of Rev… 626.08;  United Healthcare… 1154.39; Aflac… 175.80; Hansen Brothers Parts & Service… 142.55; Hansen Repair… 661.05; Electric… 353.41; Laurel Chamber… 160.00; Corner Mart… 581.56; EMS Billing… 269.38; L.P. Gill… 1678.24; Laurel True Value… 39.60; Monson/Holloway… 115.00; Verizon… 152.31; Security Bank… 72.44; N.E.C.C… 547.50; Physical Therapy Clinic Fund… 19.00;  Principal Finance Group… 34.20; Waste Zero, Inc… 2772.64; Business Card… 164.50; ABB… 38.57; Aramark… 93.24; Arens Construction… 626.68; U.S. Cellular… 60.39
CULTURAL & RECREATION: Payroll… 230.87; EFTPS… 38.26; The Majestic Theatre… 265.00; Electric… 49.29; E. Patefield… 36.36; T. Stone… 6.33; Black Hills Energy… 30.99; Quill… 243.80; T&H Meat Co… 30.00; Gary’s Foodtown… 56.70
PUBLIC BUILDINGS: Payroll… 137.45; EFTPS… 31.28; NE Dept of Rev… .34; Electric… 215.99; Laurel Chamber… 40.00; Black Hills Energy… 193.86; Floor Maintenance… 63.23; Laurel True Value… 169.33; Business Card… 242.68; Gary’s Foodtown… 9.32
PHYSICAL THERAPY CLINIC: Security Bank… 1500.00; CKPPD… 1000.00
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Payroll… 4900.27; EFTPS… 1547.82; NE Dept of Rev… 211.43; United Healthcare… 20.00; Laurel Chamber… 40.00; Electric… 100.00; The Claramont Steak & Chophouse… 75.00; Laurel Advocate… 8.78; Quill… 68.48; Wayne Herald… 55.00; DeEtta Hartman.. 100.00; Principal Finance Group… 17.10; Business Card… 26.88; ABB… 32.62; Gary’s Foodtown… 12.99
NW IND. PARK: J. P. Morgan/Chase NYC… 38178.75; Monson/Holloway… 333.50
Roll Call Vote Aye – Garber, Johnson, Knudsen, Koch.  Motion carried. Koch mentioned the claim for $30.00 in boarding a cat at the Laurel Veterinary Clinic. Officer Ron Lundahl stated that he had a call with a cat complaint. Policy is to capture the animal and take it to the Clinic.
Heather Eagle reported for the Hillcrest Care Center.  There are 26 in the Nursing Home 6 in the Assisted Living.  They had a loss of $13,274.87 for the month. The Nursing Home is putting in a new hood over the stove and other needed renovations in the kitchen.
Hillcrest Colonial Manor report for December was included in the Council packets.
Police Chief, Ron Lundahl reported for the Police Dept.  The December monthly summary is as follows:  1 fix it ticket, 12 warnings, 4 animal complaints, 1 motorist assist, 2 outside assists, 3 hours of officer training, 15 school traffic, 2 citizen complaints, 1 noise complaint, 180 building checks, 2 disturbances, The police car traveled 367 miles.
Luke Virgil reported for Ec. Development and the CRA.  He stated that Senator Sue Crawford introduced LB 95 on January 5th. This bill would require longer public notices in the TIF process and better record keeping and monitoring throughout the duration of each TIF project. This process would make it a longer process for the entity. TIF is the primary economic development tool available to the City of Laurel. He will keep the Council and Mayor informed in what the Legislature decides.
The CRA has not made a formal nomination to fill the open position. They had a candidate lined up, but the individual withdrew their name. The CRA is hoping to make a formal nomination at the February meeting.
No report from Library Board, Laurel Rescue Squad, or Laurel Recreation Board.
No building permits.
The Council reviewed Adm McCoy’s report. Admin. McCoy highlighted in his report that a one year time extension has been granted through 6/30/17 to decide on a Well Blending Project. There will be 2 more quarterly selenium samples from Well 601 and Well 841 taken before that date. Our current 4 quarter running average is 37.8 mg/l. The new Lift Station Project was not completed by the deadline of January 1, 2017. A penalty per day of $300 will be charged to the contractor against the cost of the project. The penalties will be assessed by JEO Consulting. The City has received the cost so far from Mainelli & Wagner & Associates Engineering for their assistance in the Cat C-Logan Creek Embankment and 870 Rd Reconstruction Project. The City will be reimbursed 75% of the costs. The reimbursement amount is $26,887.63.
At 6:25 P.M., Koch made a motion, Johnson second to adjourn.  Roll Call Vote: Aye – Knudsen, Koch, Garber, Johnson. Motion carried.
The next regularly scheduled Council Meeting will be held February 13th @ 6:00 P.M.
Victoria Carlson
Laurel City Clerk
Meeting Notice
Laurel Planning Commission
Notice is Hereby Given, that a meeting of the Laurel Planning Commission will be held on Friday, February 10th, 2017 at 7:00 A.M. in the Council Chambers, 101 W 2nd St., Laurel, Nebraska, which meeting will be open to the public. A current agenda for such meeting is available for public inspection at the City Office during normal business hours.
Victoria L Carlson
City Clerk
Meeting Notice
City of Laurel, Nebraska
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a meeting of the City Council of the City of Laurel, Nebraska, will be held on Monday, February 13th, 2017 at 6:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers, 101 W 2nd St., Laurel, Nebraska, which meeting will be open to the public. A current agenda for such meeting is available for public inspection at the office of the City Clerk during normal business hours.  The Mayor & City Council reserve the right to adjourn into executive session as per Section 84-1401 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes.
Victoria L Carlson
City Clerk
Meeting Notice
Community Redevelopment Authority of the
City of Laurel, Nebraska
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a meeting of the Community Redevelopment Authority of the City of Laurel, Nebraska, will be held on Tuesday, February 7th , 2017 at 7:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers, 101 W 2nd St., Laurel, Nebraska, which meeting will be open to the public.   A current agenda for such meeting is available for public inspection at the office of the Economic Development Coordinator during normal business hours.
Lucas R. Virgil
Economic Development Coordinator
02.01.17c ZNEZ