Published On: Thu, Mar 27th, 2008

Hiking Trail is Step Closer to Reality

HARTINGTON — The Meridian Bridge Hiking Trail took another step closer to reality last week.
The Lewis and Clark NRD board voted to accept the Meridian Trail/Dept. of Roads program Agreement at Thursday night’s meeting.

The NRD agreed to get a preliminary survey, plans, and specs done by a qualified engineer and get the necessary easements and permits. The NRD must also provide a project manager to oversee requirements; coordinate any utilities relations, and supervise contracts and the bid letting.
The project must be 90% design completed and cash matched in place by Dec. 6, 2008. The construction must be under contract by July 31, 2009.
This agreement with the Department of Roads is to construct a crushed concrete pedestrian and bicycle trail from the Gavins Point Dam to Aten with funds made available through STP Enhancement Programs.
In other business, the board declined to purchase a $12,000 Yeoman Plow, which was discussed with the Carbon Farmers of America at a meeting last month with local farmers.
The Pennsylvania plow is supposed to increase moisture infiltration, reduce erosion and raise soil organic matter with minimal soil surface disturbance.
The Carbon Farmers were asking for $6,000 from both Lower Elkhorn NRD and Lewis and Clark NRD. It was pointed out that the plow looked very similar to other ones used and alternating blades could change the depth of plowing into the soil.

And in other business the NRD approved the Nebraska WILD applications.
The 2008 obligations is $31,884, and NRD will be paying 100 percent of those costs.
No financial help will be coming from the Nebraska Game and Parks because the applications are all renewals or woodlands.
Reports were given by Mary Ann Wortmann on NARD board meeting; the Washington D.C. trip from Terry Julesgard and RC&D from Gary Howey.
The next meeting will be on April 17 at 8 p.m.