Published On: Thu, Dec 27th, 2007

County native builds Harley parts

LINCOLN —  Nick McKim will soon be closing out another successful year with a company in Lincoln he has built from the ground up.
McKim, a 1988 Coleridge High School graduate, is the president of Innovative Metal Technologies, better known as IMT.
It has been almost nine years since the origin of IMT. Along the way, McKim’s business started making motorcycle parts.
In 2007, IMT started manufacturing custom parts for Harley Davidson and other metric motorcycles.

McKim applied for a patent on one of his new designs and is currently working on a couple of new products that will be unveiled in February during the Daytona Bike week.
“I have patented a new design for rider and passenger footboards,” said McKim. “Along with that I manufacture various other custom and production motorcycle parts.”
McKim came up with the idea for the retractable footboards as he was making a long trip back from Sturgis, S.D. on his Harley.
The Jack Knife Highway Pegs make the trip a little more comfortable.
IMT is a custom shop that specializes in automation and robotics, computer design and engineering, CNC Machine work and rapid prototyping.
Novartis, Goodyear, Lockheed Martin, Teledyne Isco, and Li-Cor are a few of the companies that IMT has done work for.
“Lockheed Martin is a large defense contractor. We work with them and Florida Atlantic University’s Sea Tech division on miniature AUV’s,” said McKim. “Basically AUV’s are small un-manned and un-tethered mini subs that the Department of the Navy uses for various applications ranging from surveillance to search and recovery.”
Most of the work done for Novartis involves designing systems to package the products for their pharmaceutical division.
Teledyne Isco and Li-Cor both produce bio-science equipment for environmental monitoring according to McKim.
McKim said living on a farm helped him develop some of the skills he has used in his business.
“I owe most of my problem solving abilities to life on the farm,” said McKim. “You were always presented with problems to solve and you never had the right tool for the job. You were forced to think outside of the box to get things done. It also helped enhance my mechanical aptitude.”
After graduating from high school in a small town, McKim left for the big city.
He attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and studied Mechanical Engineering for a year. He then moved to Southeast Community College in Milford where he studied Tool and Die Technology.
“Basically it gave me the skills to build the things I design; it was more of a hands-on atmosphere,” said McKim.
After his college graduation, McKim worked for a plastic injection molding firm by the name of Heinke Technologies for eight years.
“I worked as a mold maker in the tool room there,” said McKim. “I designed and built plastic injection molds for a variety of companies ranging from pharmaceutical to sporting goods.”
After managing another machine shop in Lincoln for a year to hone his managing abilities, McKim approached his old employer with the plan for starting a new company.
With his help, IMT was started, McKim said.
McKim said raising his two children, eight-year old son, Hunter, and daughter, Bailey, who is twelve, along with his work, takes up most of his time.
He does enjoy trout fishing in the Missouri and riding his Harley when time permits.