Published On: Wed, Mar 12th, 2008

County Board approves hog confinement units

HARTINGTON  — Cedar County Commissioners Tuesday approved permits for two new hog confinement units.
The permits were approved only after the Cedar County Zoning Board first approved them during a meeting here Monday night.
Commissioners approved a conditional use permit allowing Travis Becker to build a 2,400-unit hog confinement on a minimum maintanence road three miles south of Pleasant Valley.

Zoning Administrator Dave Sudbeck said no one appeared at the meeting to oppose the plan.
Commissioners also approved a permit for Jim Steffen to build a 2,400-hog confinement two miles north of the Cedar County Fairgrounds.
Sudbeck noted, however, that Steffen has no plans at this time to put that many animals at the farm.
Sudbeck said neither of the permits generated any controversy and both were approved unanimously.
After signing off on the conditional use permits Commission Chairman Marlen Kraemer noted the Cedar County zoning system seems to be working well.
Sudbeck agreed, saying if the system was not working, so many projects would not be being built here.

“With so many projects being done here, it looks like we are a livestock friendly county,” Kraemer said. “Even though the county (has not jumped through the hoops to officially be) a livestock friendly county,” he said.
The State Dept. of Economic Development uses the ‘Livestock Friendly’ tag for counties that have proven they support the growth of agriculture. A lot of red tape is needed to officially earn the designation, however, Sudbeck said.

In other action, Cedar  County was notified that the city of Laurel is annexing two lots in northwest part of Laurel into the city limits.
Commissioners noted they all three passed a recent test certifiying them for Homeland Security.