Published On: Wed, Nov 16th, 2011

Cedar County looking at some big ticket items

HARTINGTON — County Commissioners looked at two projects that come with high price tags during the Nov. 8 Cedar County Commission meeting.
One will be covered by federal and state funds.
Board members will be spending close to $225,000 to ensure the Geothermal heating and cooling system at the Courthouse Complex will work.
Forty holes, each 300 feet deep, will be dug in order to convert the system to a closed loop system rather than the “pump and dump” system currently in place with the Geothermal system.

Lonnie Weidner, President of Merit Mechanical, Inc. handed the board members a certificate of insurance and performance bond at the Commission meeting Nov 8.
Weidner went over the a summary of costs on the work that needs to be done which includes the costs for engineering, drilling, concrete removal and replacement, interior pumps and piping, pipe insulation, water system balancing, electrical work, pipe enclosure in the basement and bonding costs.
The county has been purchasing water from the City due to problems that were being caused by the water from the well that had been dug when the system was installed.
“With your approval, I will proceed and get the people under contract and get going,” Weidner said.
Board members are hoping to have the new system up and running sometime in December.
A bridge on a gravel road in Prec. 14 will be constructed at a cost of around $422,000.
Board members signed a resolution on the Federal Aid Bridge contract for the  project on 881 Road.
Six bids had been submitted.
Eighty percent of the cost will come from federal funds and 20 percent will be from state funds, according to Commissioner Dave McGregor.
“The application for this had been made close to 15 years ago,” said McGregor.

County Treasurer Carol Wortmann gave a brief update to board members.
According to Wortmann, 96 percent of the 2010 taxes have been collected and 99.9 percent of the 2009 taxes have come in.
The Treasurer’s Office has turned over 124 distress warrants, which involves taxes on personal property and buildings on leased land, to the County Sheriff.
According to Sheriff Larry Koranda, he has nine months to collect the amount that is due.
“I will send letters out and then start knocking on doors,” Koranda said. “A number of these will be paid by the first of the year.”
Board members approved an application for a liquor license for a new business.
Lyle Groene doing business as the Green Diamond is currently open on a temporary license.
An application for a one day special designated liquor license for Nissen Wine was also approved. The license will be used for a Wine Tasting at the Corp of Discovery Welcome Center Dec 3.
Board members had received a request from Gary Howey concerning an increase in the county’s annual donation to the RC&D.
Pierce County will give $5,000, Wayne and Knox Counties $1,200 – Dixon will stay at $300.