Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2011

‘No contest’ plea entered in County cattle case

HARTINGTON — District Court Judge Paul Vaughn accepted Michael Schutt’s plea Monday of “no contest” on felony charges of unlawful taking of cattle.
Schutt had originally been arrested on four Class III felonies: two counts for theft by unlawful taking and two on theft by deception.

Two of the charges had previously been dismissed and count two will be dismissed as part of the plea bargain.
Hirschbach told Judge Vaughn the State had conferred with the victim before the plea bargain agreement had been reached.
The court ordered a pre-sentence investigation.
To save time, Schutt’s attorney suggested looking at a report that was done on a similar crime Schutt was convicted of in Antelope County.
Sentencing for Schutt was scheduled for Dec. 19 in Cedar County District Court, although Judge Vaughn said he is open to having the sentencing transferred to Antelope County.