Published On: Thu, Nov 7th, 2013

Panel explores tradeoffs between privacy, security

LINCOLN —A panel of state and national experts discussed the trade-offs between privacy and security Monday night at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

The issue came into the spotlight in May when Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the National Security Agency. Hired by a private contractor working for the NSA, Snowden has said he felt it was his duty to let citizens know their information wasn’t safe: phone records, e-mails, social media interactions and instant messaging conversations are all fair game to be collected by the NSA.

The NSA responded that the information gathered was used to track security threats and terrorist groups, not to keep tabs on private citizens.

Panelists agreed that whether the NSA should exist is not the question, but rather how the  agency’s resources are used.

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