Published On: Wed, May 21st, 2014

Relay for Life event brings cancer stories front and center


RANDOLPH —A cancer survivor is ready to tell his story at the May 30 Cedar County American Cancer Society Relay for Life event.

Richard Roeder and his wife, Betty, were both born and raised in Randolph.

A couple of years ago Richard, who now lives in Fremont, received the “you have cancer,” news twice within nine months.

In December 2011, 70-year-old Richard received a tonsillar cancer diagnosis. When the news was given to Richard he asked the doctor if everything could be taken care of by February 2012.

Richard and Betty have been committed to maintaining a close relationship with each of their four grandchildren. A week-long trip celebrates each grandchild’s 12th birthday.

All of the arrangements had been made for the March 2012 vacation to Hawaii with their youngest grandson, Harrison.

He was thinking about the trip to Hawaii with his grandson in March.

“My doctors told me I wouldn’t be going to Hawaii anytime soon,” Richard said.

In January of 2012, Richard began a treatment regimen at Fremont Area Medical Center that included three chemotherapy treatments and 33 radiation treatments.

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