Published On: Thu, Feb 7th, 2013

Good deed puts area man in the spotlight of RFD TV show

COLERIDGE — A cane with designs carved by a Coleridge resident ended up on one of the top-rated TV shows in Nashville, Tenn.

The cane, which was carved by Bob Yost, was shown on “Larry’s Country Diner,” a show on the RFD television network that has 1.4 million viewers.

The down-home variety show, which includes entertainment, interviews and music, is taped  each week in front of a studio audience in a country diner setting.

Yost enjoys watching “Larry’s Country Diner” and decided to mail a cane to Larry Black who hosts and produces the show. Black was having trouble walking and Yost thought the cane might come in handy.

“Larry had some type of surgery and he was hobbling around with a walker,” Yost said. “I did some carving on a cane and I sent it to him.”

Yost carved the sides of the cane with the words – “Larry Black” and “Larry’s Country Diner” along with a phrase that Larry says a lot on his show: “The cameras are always on — we don’t care”.

The carving of oak leaves finished off the unique design on the wood cane.

Yost sent the cane off in the mail and one week later he received a phone call that he hadn’t expected.

“Larry Black called. It really surprised me,” Yost said. “We talked for about 15 minutes. He invited me to stop in at his TV show if I am ever in Nashville.”

Yost isn’t quite sure if he will accept the offer to take in one of the “Larry’s Country Diner” shows yet.

He hates driving in the traffic in Nashville.

On one of the recent “Larry’s Country Diner” shows, Black showed his audience the cane that had been mailed to him from the woodcarver in Nebraska.

Yost, who is a member of the Coleridge Carving Club, began his hobby of wood carving a little over 20 years ago.

Yost’s woodcarvings include a “little bit of everything” but carving on canes is his favorite.

Yost has now carved over 200 canes, which have ended up all over the U.S.

“I sell them and I have given a few of the canes away,” Yost said.

Yost has used his talent for carving to create a couple of very unusual canes.

One of Yost’s canes was raffled off at an event that was put on by the Union Pacific Retired Employee Club.

The cane, which featured a carving of nine train cars, plus a caboose and an engine, brought $250.

Yost was also asked to carve a cane which was used as a retirement gift for a Lieutenant Commander of a Nuclear Submarine.

It was Yost’s first time to do a woodcarving of an image of a diving nuclear submarine.