Published On: Wed, Jul 4th, 2012

Cedar County is experiencing increase in crime

HARTINGTON — Crime seems to be on the rise in Cedar County.
A recent report from Cedar County Attorney George Hirschbach shows crime has risen in Cedar County, which could mean the county will see an increase in expenses for court appointed attorneys and other court-related costs.
Hirschbach told Cedar County Commissioners several incidents have recently been reported.

“We have had a lot of break-ins and vandalism,” Hirschbach said. “The Laundromat in Hartington was broke into and torn up. There have been problems in Hartington and across the county. County law enforcement has done a lot of work on this.”
Charges are pending on three teenagers, according to Hirschbach.
A decision will have to be made if the youth will be tried in juvenile court or if they will be tried as adults.
“There are times when there is a lull with crimes and then it spikes out of control,” Hirschbach said.
Other crime investigations include someone shooting a couple’s cat, abuse of horses, assault on a child and a man, who were swimming at the beach.
Hirschbach told Commissioners last week a  court case, which had been settled in 2003, has surfaced again and headed back to court.
An amended complaint was filed against Cedar County asking for thousands of dollars in damages.
“The case has now developed to pre-trial. Both sides have waived a jury trial and it will be heard by a judge,” Hirschbach said.
In other action at last week’s Cedar County Commission meeting, Commissioners learned that nine protests on property valuations have been filed, according to County Assessor Don Hoesing.
Two of the protests are on ag land and one is for commercial property.
Property owners can file a protest on their valuations through June 30.
“The last day of the month falls on a Saturday so they can still file a protest on Monday,” Hoesing said.
Over 5,000 notices showing a change in valuation had been mailed out by the Cedar County Assessor’s Office in late May.
Valuations, for tax purposes, on almost all of the ag land in the county took a jump for 2012.
The Assessor’s Office uses sales to set the valuations on property.
Cedar County Commissioners, acting as the Board of Equalization, will be reviewing the protests on July 10.
Three bids were opened on repair work needed on a bridge east of Fordyce:
Christensen Brothers, Cherokee, Iowa – $192,320
Theisen Construction, Norfolk, – $127,312
Dixon Construction, Correctionville, Iowa – $139,575.
The Board accepted the bid from the low bidder, Theisen Construction.

Theisen also had the best completion time.
Board members approved the applications for two liquor licenses.
Nissen Wines applied for a one-day permit for Sunday, July 22, at the Cedar County Fair.
The application submitted by the Crofton American Legion is for a fun night at St. Boniface Church, Menominee, Oct. 27.
Commissioner Marlen Kraemer gave several committee reports.
Kraemer sits on the Executive Committee for Region Four Behavioral Health System.
Region Four serves 22 counties in northeast and north central Nebraska.
Seven individuals from this region are at the Regional Center in Lincoln according to  Kraemer.
During the last 11 months custody committals have involved five residents from Cedar County.
The number is low compared to several other counties in the area. Kraemer also sits on the board for the Area Agency on Aging.
Before adjourning board members took time to view a DVD, which shows the sediment problems occurring all the way up and down the Missouri River.
The data along, with pictures, show the devastating results of the extreme amounts of  sediment deposited by the 2011 flood waters.
Sedimentation is affecting the free flowing water in the Missouri River causing problems for recreational activities.
It is also causing less water to flow through the dam which decreases the amount of  energy produced.