Published On: Wed, Nov 18th, 2015

Randolph Times Public Notices 11.18.15




November 10, 2015

The Cedar County Commissioners met in the Boardroom of the Cedar County Courthouse at 8:30 am and the meeting was called to order as advertised, with Jerry Wiese, David McGregor and Terry Pinkelman answering roll call. Also present County Clerk David Dowling. Chairman Pinkelman stated the open meetings laws are posted on the wall for public inspection.

Motion was made by Pinkelman and seconded by Wiese to approve the agenda. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote. Motion was made by Pinkelman and seconded by Wiese to approve the minutes from the last meeting. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote. 

Dave Sudbeck reported on some zoning issues that he has going on at this time. Sudbeck reported on a meeting he attended in Kearney. Sudbeck then stated he has a meeting scheduled for the 23rd of November for zoning permits. 

Road Supt., Carla Schmidt presented an underground permit for district two review and approval. Kirkham and Michael engineering firm presented a plan for a couple box culvert projects in district two. After reviewing the plan district two commissioner stated he would like them to start the process getting the needed permits for the project. Jerry Wiese signed the contract agreement. 

Monthly fee reports from the Clerk of District Court and County Sheriff were reviewed as presented by the office holders.

The board reviewed a list of distress warrants from the county treasurer and also a list of the current pledged securities for the county.

Kevin Garvin met to discuss an educational workshop to be held in Norfolk at the Lifelong Learning Center. This will hopefully answer all questions regarding interlocal agreements that need to be approved and signed. The agreements are for the creation of government’s board and another for counties to join the system. The system is a public safety system statewide for 911 and communications statewide.

Judd Allen from NACO met with the board to discuss NACO benefits that are available to the counties.  

With no further business or agenda items the following claims were approved for payment and the meeting was declared adjourned by chairman Pinkelman.

GENERAL FUND: Total Salaries 129,528.61; Aflac 1,102.92; Blue Cross-Blue Shield 41,488.80; IRS 11,761.31; Social Security, 19,414.50; First Concord Benefits Group LLC 1,600.01; Lincoln National Life Ins. 655.47; Mass Mutual 1,770.00; Nationwide Retirement Solutions 50.00; Nebraska Child Support Payment Center 300.00; Nebraska Dept. of Revenue 4,088.71; Retirement Plans Div. of Ameritas 14,524.91; Washington Natl. Insurance Co. 57.75; Advanced Correctional Healthcare 12.65; Avera Medical Group 135.00; Leroy Beste 800.00; Cedar County Ag Society 1,084.03; Cedar County Clerk of Dist. Court 408.64; Cedar County Court 66.00; Cedar County Historical Society 13,000.00; Cedar County Sheriff 54.50; Cedar-Knox Public Power District 230.04; Charles W. Campbell PC 2,381.57; Chad Claussen 456.95; Crofton Journal 30.00; D & J Variety 92.88; Des Moines Stamp Mfg. Co. Inc. 221.20; David Dowling 207.00; Becky Dresden 72.38; Eakes Office Solutions 1,082.27; Farmers Union Gas & Oil 107.17; Feld Fire 81.61; Floor Maintenance and Supply 164.61; Food Town 751.58; Kevin Garvin 575.56; Great American Leasing Corp 77.00; Craig A. Hansen 251.68; Hartelco 2,238.34; Hartington Public Library 6,000.00; Nebraska Health & Human Services 180.00; Duane Heithold 12.08; George L. Hirschbach 650.67; Hometown Leasing 567.33; Jeffrey L. Hrouda 3,663.42; Jim Jansen 309.50; Kaiser Heating and Cooling 328.50; Ken’s Market 254.29; David D. Knoff 3,500.00; David Koch 130.00; Kruse True Value 152.10; Laurel Public Library 3,000.00; LEAF 332.04; Mary Leise 72.38; Leiting Auto Supply 331.52; Lynn Peavey Company 72.00; Madison County Court 3.25; Mail Finance 567.00; Maximus, Inc. 600.00; MIPS Inc. 2,762.78; NACO 1,440.00; National Notary Association 154.00; Nebr. Assoc. of County Clerks 50.00; Nebr. County Attorneys Assoc. 50.00; Nebr. Real Property Appraiser Board 320.00; Nebraska Public Power Dist. 2,430.73; NIRMA 50.00; Northeast Nebraska News Company 750.09; Office Depot 176.98; P.O.A.N. 64.00; Peitz GMC Service Inc. 262.82; Pepsi Cola of Norfolk 104.23; Presto X 45.89; Quill Corp. 137.24; Ramada Inn 306.00; Randolph Public Library 6,000.00; Roger Schwartz 12.00; Security Shredding Services 70.00; Sioux City Winsupply 236.22; Joseph M. Smith 240.00; State of Nebr AS Central Services 448.00; State of Nebr AS Central Services 106.00; Mary Lou Steffen 278.02; Jackie Steffen 176.31; Talley 2,056.41; John Thomas 685.20; Thurston County 31.41; Gene Twiford 24.15; US Bank 53.24; United States Postal Service-Hasler 10,000.00; US Cellular 292.69; Marlin Vanslyke 27.60; Verizon Wireless 40.01; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. 1,672.86; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. 125.85; Wayne County Sheriff 18.50; Western Office 67.51; Janet Wiechelman 86.01; Ron Wieseler 1,300.00; Wingate by Wyndham 1,091.40.

ROAD FUND: Total Salaries 67,981.86; Aflac 559.13; IRS 5,726.57; Social Security 10,310.86; BCBS 

26,020.44; First Concord Benefits Group LLC 75.00; Mass Mutual 20.00; Nationwide Retirement Solutions 50.00; Nebraska Dept. of Revenue 2,023.54; Retirement Plans Div. of Ameritas 7,535.45; Washington Natl Insurance Co 49.40; A & R Construction 70,814.56; Appeara 125.74; Avera Medical Group 175.00; B’s Enterprises Inc. 29,630.00; Backus Sand & Gravel 309.12; Berner’s Service 164.48; Bomgaars 80.28; Carhart Lumber Co. 16.15; Carlson Home & Auto 421.08; Cedar County Auto Parts Inc. 215.66; Cedar-Knox Public Power District 40.68; Cedar-Knox Rural Water Project 31.65; Century Link 106.36; City of Laurel 69.83; Coleridge Welding Inc. 565.45; D & J Variety 9.25; Dinkels 7,000.00; Farmers Union Gas & Oil 6,048.94; Filter Care of Nebr. 196.90; Fischer Feed & Supply 196.00; Folkers Bros Garage 101.60; Gill Hauling Inc. 15.50; Great Plains Communications Inc. 160.61; Grossenburg Implement 2,486.86; Hansen Brothers Parts & Service 36.19; Hartelco 220.93; Hefner Oil & Feed Co. 6,309.84; Kayton International Inc. 363.36; Kellen & Streit Inc. 13,093.60; Kessler Repair 64.27; Kimball Midwest 66.94; Kirkham Michael 4,100.00; Jerome Kuehn 11.00; Laurel Feed & Grain Co. 500.00; Laurel True Value 53.98; Leiting Auto Supply 113.80; Mainelli Wagner & Associates 11,545.21; Medical Enterprises Inc. 93.00; Menfords Hardware & Farm Store 464.02; Nebraska Public Power Dist. 143.04; NMC Exchange LLC 130.42; NMC Exchange LLC 1,400.26; Northeast Glass 846.00; Northeast Nebr. Telephone Co. 120.18; Kirk Olsen 57.50; Pomp’s Tire Service Inc. 228.40; Randolph Farm Supply 3,598.00; Rath’s Mini Mart 231.01; RDO Truck Center Co. 1,446.59; Rees Mack Sales & Service 44.29; Riverview Sand and Gravel 4,279.20; Carla Schmidt 118.79; Signature Sewer Pumping 350.00; Source Gas 27.27; Spencer Quarries Inc. 1,470.97; Stern Oil Co. Inc. 12,277.20; Sweetman Construction 4,882.65; Tim Arens Construction 650.00; Top Crop Inc. 881.48; Topkote Inc. 2,300.00; Urwiler Oil & Fertilizer 1,829.06; US Cellular 214.91; Village of Wynot 82.90; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. 316.17; Wattier True Value 61.99; Wynot Oil Company 5,439.66.

BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION & REPAIR FUND: A & R Construction 117,680.13; Christensen Bros. Inc. 88,256.17.

CEDAR COUNTY TRANSIT FUND: Avera Medical Group 107.00; Carol Bruning 900.00; City of Hartington 400.00; Farmers Union Gas & Oil 1,081.95; Hartelco 77.49; Karen Lammers 660.00; Mary Rose Pinkelman 2,000.00; US Cellular 46.24; Claudet Wege 240.00.

HOMELAND SECURITY FUND: Electronic Engineering 5,313.95; JEO Consulting Group Inc. 4,745.25; Lincoln Airport Authority 284.00.

E 911 WIRELESS FUND: Century Link 271.70; Hartelco 524.83.

ENHANCED 911 FUND: Century Link 152.83; Eastern Nebraska Telephone 167.08; Electronic Engineering 765.00; Great Plains Communications Inc. 107.72; Hartelco 494.82; Laacke & Joys Co. 84.26; Leiting Auto Supply 229.30; Northeast Nebr. Telephone Co. 881.42.


Board Chairman, 

Terry Pinkelman 


County Clerk, David Dowling




The Cedar County Board of Commissioners will meet at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015, in the Commissioners’ Room in the Cedar County Courthouse.

Agenda is available in the County Clerk’s office.





The Board of Trustees of the Village of Belden met in regular session on November 3, 2015, at the Library Building. Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Wobbenhorst.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Wobbenhorst, Stapelman, Campbell, Huetig and Patefield


VISTORS PRESENT: Jerry Gross, Ron Stapelman

The Chair noted the passing of Village Clerk, Larry D. Alderman, with funeral services this coming Friday. Recognition of his years of service to the village was made.

Board reviewed the minutes of the last meeting. Corrections noted were: Patefield misspelled and corrected, the word sign was misspelled in the discussion of Q125 signs, there was a duplicate bill included for salary for jerry Gross, this bill was paid in September and included by mistake in the October minutes.

Motion by Patefield to approve the minutes with those corrections. Seconded by Huetig. Ayes: All. Nayes: None.

On motion the following bills were allowed:


Cedar Knox Public Power, $63.43


NE Nebraska News, $52.14; U.S. Treasury, $738.84; Jerry Gross, $90.00; Postmaster, $49.00; Janice Wobbenhorst (supplies + hours), $166.82


Citizens State Bank, $300.00; Cedar Knox Public Power, $385.15; One Call Concepts, $10.30


Gene Ohlrich (postage + salary), $205.66; Wau-Col Regional Water Systems, $1,969.00; DHHS Lab, $83.00; Patti Surber Salary, $161.67


Cedar Knox PPD, $407.94; D&D Lawncare, $900.00


Key Sanitation LLC, $754.93


No Bills reported.

Balance on Hand was reported.

Stapelman reported he is going to look at street needs this fall to arrange our street work by May.

Ron Stapelman presented the need to prepare a working agreement between the village and rgw Rural Fire Board to proceed with the proposed Fire Department Annex. Wobbenhorst will work on drafting up a document for review by al parties.

Campbell reported that the new toilet for the post office has been purchased and he will be getting it installed.

Gross reported that he will be working on the needed tree trimming to make snow plowing easier. Patefield will be assisting him with this project.

Gross asked if the Village tractor had been serviced yet. Gross will be getting the tractor serviced and fluid placed in the tires. This should resolve any safety concerns.

Wobbenhorst reminded board that we had tabled a decision o if we want to take down the Q125 signs for the winter. After discussion the board agreed to take down the old ones and leave the new ones up for this year and see how that works.

Board discussed past water bills and water consumption. It was noted that we recurrently under a violation with several bad water samples.Gene Ohlrich is working on this to take the needed additional samples. He reports that it appears that the water from Wau-Col also had bad samples too, so that may be the source of the problem. He is working with the state to get this corrected.

Wobbenhorst reported that she has talked to the member os the Library Board and they have approved our request to set up office space in the library for the future clerk to work in. Wobbenhorst also reported that Mary McLain has offered a fire-proof locking cabinet from the bank basement for the town’s use. This would save of that expense. The board agreed to accept the offer and Stapelman will coordinate moving the file cabinet to the library.

Wobbenhorst reported that there are a number of individuals that have expressed concerns about our trash pick-up and the timeliness of the pick-up. After discussion the subject was tabled.

Wobbenhorst reported that she has met with Lance Carlson, our attorney, on several issues. He will be investigating these issues and get us information.

The board then discussed how to proceed with the vacancy of the village clerk position and the immediacy of the need. Resolution 2015-01 was presented as a course of action. Patefield made motion the Cathy Huetig be appointed as Interim Village Clerk. Stapelman seconded. Ayes: All. Nayes: None.


Whereas, the Village of Belden is without a village Clerk, due to the passing of our Village Clerk, Larry D. Alderson, and

Wheres, the Village of bellmen needs to continue to conduct business and pay bills in a timely manner, and 

Whereas, there is a need to have two individuals sign checks to pay these bills, Therefore, the Village Board has determined the need for an emergency provision to meet these needs, and appoints, Village trustee Cathy Huetig, as Interim Village Clerk, to assist the Board Chairman with the clerk duties and to provide a second individual to sign checks and meet our immediate obligations, for a period not to exceed four months, and

Therefore, the Village Board will immediately commence the task of conducting a job search for a new village clerk, including advertising, conducting interviews and obtaining background checks and bonding of the new candidate, and

Therefore, the Village Board will also simultaneously conduct a job evaluation and salary analysis of this position to ensure that we are in full compliance with state regulations ad meet the future needs of our village.

Passed and Approved this 3rd day of November, 2015.

Huetig identified that the next village board meeting will be in December 1, since that will be the first Tuesday of the month. She inquired if we would want to change the date because our bill will not be in yet. The board unanimously agreed to change the next meeting to Monday, December 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the Library, to better meet the village needs.

No further business appearing meeting was adjourned to the call of the Chairman.

Cathy Huetig

Interim Village Clerk

Janice Wobbenhorst






The City of Randolph, Nebraska, will receive bids for a 2015 or newer 55 foot aerial truck. Bids will be accepted until 6:30 p.m. December 2, 2015, at the office of the City Clerk, 212 E. Broadway, P O Box 457, Randolph, Nebraska, 68771. At that time, all bids will be opened and publicly read aloud.

Specifications are on file at the office of the City Clerk in Randolph, Nebraska. A copy of the specifications for personal use may be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office, P O Box 457, Randolph, Nebraska 68771, (402) 337-0567.

No bids shall be withdrawn after the opening of bids without the consent of the City of Randolph, Nebraska, for a period of 30 days after the scheduled time of closing of bids.

The owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any technicalities in bidding.

Dated at Randolph, Nebraska, this 4th day of November, 2015.


Cinda R. Jones

City Adm/Clerk/Treasurer






Estate of Vernell F. Munter, Deceased

Estate No. PR15-28

Notice is early given that a final account and report of administration and a Petition for complete settlement, probate of Will, determination of inheritance tax, and determination of heirs, have been filed and are set for hearing in the County Court of Cedar County, Nebraska, located at Hartington, Nebraska, on December 2, 2015, at or after 8:30 a.m.

Sandra K. Maryott

1485 South Street

Blair, NE 68008


Lance C. Carlson, #20674

Carlson Law Office

P.O. Box 458

Randolph, NE 68771


Attorney for Personal 

Representative/ Petitioner





A vacancy exists for the Northeast Community College Board of Governors At-Large position, which consists of Antelope, Boyd, Brown, Burt, Cedar, Cuming, Dakota, Dixon, Garfield, Holt, Keya Paha, Knox, Madison, Pierce, Rock, Stanton, Wayne, Wheeler, Thurston, and the precincts of North Oakland, South Oakland, Ashland, North Branch, Shell Creek, and Midland in Boone County as such precincts existed on July 1, 1975. 

A committee of the Northeast Board will receive and evaluate applications, select and conduct interviews, and make a recommendation to the full Board to fill the position for the balance of the term, which expires in December 2016. To be eligible, the candidate must be a registered voter, a resident of one of the above named counties or county precincts for at least six months, and cannot be a member of another board relating to education or another high elective office pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §32-604.

Persons who wish to apply for this position may obtain information from the Northeast Community College website at Completed application forms must be submitted to, and received by Diane Reikofski, board recording secretary, by the end of the day on December 16, 2015. Forms may be submitted online, or applicants may print out the form, complete it and mail it to Reikofski at 801 East Benjamin Avenue, P.O. Box 469, Norfolk, NE 68702. 

Persons with questions related to this process are asked to contact a current member of the Board of Governors or the administrative offices at (402) 844-7055.

Gene L. Willers, 


Board of Governors

Northeast Community