Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2012

Legal Notices 2-15-12

The Hartington District #8 School Board will meet in the Family Consumer Science Room at Hartington Public School at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 20, 2012, in regular session. A current agenda is available at the office of the superintendent.
Brenda Steiner
January 10, 2012
The Cedar County Commissioners met in the Boardroom of the Cedar County Courthouse at 8:30 am with David McGregor, Marlen Kraemer and Terry Pinkelman answering roll call. Also present County Clerk David Dowling. The meeting was called to order as required by State Statute 23-153, County Clerk acting as chairman for reorganization, asked for motion to appoint a chairman. Motion was made byMarlen Kraemer to appoint David McGregor as chairman. Motion was seconded by Terry Pinkelman. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote. Motion was then made by McGregor and seconded by Kraemer to appoint Terry Pinkelman as Vice Chair. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote. The meeting was turned over to Chairman McGregor. Motion was made by Pinkelman and seconded by Kraemer to approve agenda. Motion carried with 3 to 0 vote. Commissioner Pinkelman made a motion to approve the minutes from last meeting and Kraemer seconded the motion. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.
Road Supt., Carla Schmidt presented an underground easement for District One approval and then presented the one and six proposals to be completed by each district for year 2012. Schmidt asked that the information be returned to her by the next meeting, January 24th because the one and six year hearing will be held February 14th and then it will be forwarded to the state. Schmidt stated that she has not heard anything on the mine safety course that she had asked to have from NIRMA. Discussion was then held again on inactive Federal Aid bridge projects.
Lonnie Weidner from Merit Mechanical updated the board on the geothermal well field and water supply system in both buildings. Lonnie presented change request number two and three amounting to an additional $3,849.00 for the project. It was agreed to have the final walk through for the project at the next meeting January 24th and at that time all manuals for the pumps and values will be presented to the county.
Chairman McGregor asked for comments on Board appointments, a motion was then made by Kraemer and seconded by Pinkelman to retain and keep the same Board appointments as last year, appointments then being as follows: Marlen Kraemer – Region IV Mental and Area on Aging; David McGregor – Landfill & Solid Waste, Transit-bus, Goldenrod Hills, Housing Development and Landfill, Solid Waste and Waste Oil Recycling, Terry Pinkelman – Corps of Discovery Welcome Center, Region IV Northstar developmental Disabilities, Missouri River Advisory Group, National Scenic River and ; Voting McGregor, yes; Kraemer, yes; Pinkelman, yes; motion carried.
A motion was made by Pinkelman and seconded by Kraemer to retain the appointments as follows: Carla Schmidt – Road Supt.; David Dowling – General Assistance Director; Kevin Garvin – Emergency Management and Communications Director; Bob Hamilton and Roby Bowman – part-time emergency management; Larry Koranda Jail Administrator; Lavern Schroeder – County Surveyor; David Sudbeck – part-time Weed Supt. and part-time Zoning Administrator; Kathy Uhl Responsible Charge roll call vote carried 3 to 0.
A motion was made by Pinkelman and seconded by McGregor to retain the Cedar County News, Coleridge Blade, Randolph Times and Laurel Advocate as the legal newspapers of Cedar County. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 roll call vote. Board Members agreed to retain the current meeting days and times for next year, second and fourth Tuesday of each month with a starting time of 8:30 AM. Motion was made by McGregor and seconded by Pinkelman to approve the meeting days and time. Motion carried 3 to 0.
Commissioner McGregor made a motion and seconded by Commissioner Kraemer to approve the following pledged securities for Cedar County. Motion carried with a roll call vote from Kraemer, McGregor and Pinkelman. Motion carried 3 to 0.
Securities listed as approved:
Bank of Hartington
FNMA, 31402DBP4, 06/01/19, $483,184.18
BUFFALO CO NE, 119450AH7, 02/15/23, $505,000.00
PAPIO-MO NRD, 698874BL7, 12/15/30, $500,000.00
FNMA, 31371LDQ9, 10/01/23, $176,793.12
FNMA, 31371NP82, 01/01/28, $100,475.71
FNMA, 31371NP82, 01/01/28, $100,475.71
FNMA, 31371NXT7, 07/01/18, $152,285.96
FNMA, 31402DPU8, 11/01/19, $123,675.93
FHLMC, 3128P7EE9, 06/01/27, $152,098.20
FNMA, 31371MSA6, 04/01/26, $233,752.49
FNMA, 31371NRD9, 01/01/18, $187,627.67
FNMA, 31410FWM3, 05/01/21, $343,683.61
WEST CNTL SD*, 951845HC3, 07/15/29, $200,000.00
FDIC, No. 13962, 250,000.00,
Coleridge Security National Bank
FHLB, No. 3133XLEA7, 370,000.00
FHLB, No. 3133XCTG8, 370,000.00
FDIC , No. 53929 , 250,000.00
Citizens State Bank
of Belden
FHLB, No. 3133XD5A4, 250,000.00
FDIC , No. 23965, 250,000.00
First State Bank
of Randolph
FHLB, No. 3133XE5D7, 55,000.00
FHLB, No. 3133XJK31, 200,000.00
FHLB, No. 31339Y5K4, 200,000.00
FDIC , No. 23965, 250,000.00
Security National Bank
of Laurel
FHLB, No. 3133XTAW6, 325,000.00
FHLB, No. 3133XLEA7, 370,000.00
FDIC Certificate, 250,000.00
Cedar Security Bank
of Fordyce
FDIC Certificate, 250,000.00
Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Hartington
FDIC Certificate, 250,000.00
Motion was made by Kraemer and seconded by Pinkelman to retain the current holidays same as last year. Roll call vote motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.
Motion was made by McGregor and seconded by Kraemer to set the mileage reimbursement rate from at 55.5 cents. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 roll call vote.
Discussion was held on a possible grant that the Corps of Discovery is going to apply for and have asked the County Board to give them a letter of support for the grant application. Board members agreed to give a letter of support and asked the county clerk to write letter of support for all board members to sign as soon as possible.
Discussion was held with emergency manager, Kevin Garvin to discuss grant application for generator project and it was agreed to advertise for bids and have bid opening January 24th meeting.
With no further business or agenda items the following claims were reviewed and approved for payment.
GENERAL FUND: Total Salaries –104,252.11; Aflac 828.47; Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., 11,617.91; IRS 8,903.80; Social Security 13,502.11; BCBS 32,608.50; First Concord Benefits Group LLC 1,935.68; Hartford Life Insurance 1,842.00; Lincoln National Life Ins. Co. 583.02; Nationwide Retirement Solutions 50.00; Nebraska Dept. of Revenue 3,054.91; Washington Natl. Insurance Co. 153.05; Shirley Arens 20.00; Art Kathol Appliance 695.40; Carney Law PC 1,685.99; Cedar County Clerk of Dist. Court 160.07; Cedar County Court 40.00; Cedar County Court 102.00; Cedar County News 64.61; Cedar-Knox Public Power District 246.32; Chief Bar 315.20; City of Hartington 1,343.50; City of Hartington 1,163.12; Coleridge Blade 86.48; De Lage Landen 110.67; De Lage Landen 130.00; De Lage Landen 167.90; Dodge County 3,694.78; David Dowling 253.10; Eakes Office Plus 562.65; Feld Fire 93.90; Ferrellgas 41.15; Fischer Feed & Supply 136.00; Floor Maintenance and Supply 24.74; Food Town 2,930.25; Gary’s Food Town, Inc. 225.00; Great American Leasing Corp. 75.00; Hampton Inn 268.00; Lori Hansen 71.59; Hartelco 1,848.74; Hartington Shopper 194.80; Nebraska Health & Human Services 204.00; Kathy Heimes 33.30; Don Hoesing 326.10; Holiday Inn 1,709.05; Clarice Holm 34.62; Iowa Office Supply Inc. 307.29; Jim’s Food Center 150.00; Kardell’s Auto 610.00; Ken’s Market 589.08; David D. Knoff 3,000.00; David D. Knoff 1,039.89; Kruse True Value 576.94; Betty Lauer 69.24; Laurel Advocate 85.18; Matthew Bender & Co. Inc. 201.20; Michael Jung 88.82; Midwest Radar & Equipment 160.00; MIPS Inc. 3,945.54; Missouri Sedimentation Action Coalition 1,000.00; Mocic 100.00; NACO 240.00; National Sheriff’s Assoc. 50.00; Nebr. Assoc. of County Clerks 75.00; Nebr. Dept. of Labor 3,432.00; Nebraska Public Power Dist. 2,324.26; Opfer Snow removal 750.00; Sally Opfer 100.69; Peitz GMC Service Inc. 491.71; Plumbing & Electric Service Inc. 302.55; Premier Lawn & Landscaping 2,293.00; Presto X 40.00; Quill Corp 13.10; Randolph Times 60.92; Redfield & Co. Inc. 20.00; Redfield & Company Inc. 787.16; Region IV Inc. 3,195.50; Region 4 Behavioral Health System 4,702.75; Carissa Roach 86.60; Michael P. Schmiedt 18.75; Roger Schwartz 12.00; Sherrie Schweder 88.82; Sioux City Wintronic Co. 27.35; Spencer Quarries Inc. 460.61; Scott Stanton 485.18; State of Nebr – AS Central Services 448.00; State of Nebr – DAS Surplus 20.00; Jackie Steffen 251.88; Stop N Go 117.05; David Sudbeck 60.00; T & R Butcher Block 375.00; Telebeep Wireless 17.11; Ken Thoene 28.86; Tri State Cleaning Services 2,050.00; Tri-State Computer Service 201.00; Voyager Fleet Systems 1,445.09; Karin Ward 88.82; Western Office 47.20; Janet Wiechelman 517.25; Carol Wortmann 235.32. Chris Baltushis 88.82; Alexis Gregersen 86.60; Linda Abbott 46.10; Bradley M. Arens 180.55; Debbie M. Arens 41.66; Jason C. Arens 263.80; Stanley Becker 36.11; Daniel G. Beckman 62.75; Jamie Blankenfeld-Tramp 79.40; Joseph B. Bruening 258.25; Donald D. Conzemius 48.32; Keith Eickhoff 36.11; Melissa S. Engel 59.42; Terry Frank 180.55; Jonnie Gallagher 51.65; Kelly Adkins 313.75; Sasha Nelson 297.10; Gabriel R. Hammer 58.31; Katie Hans 49.43; Julie M. Hart 59.42; Jesse Hinkel 58.31; Gerry L. Johnson 52.76; Terry Jueden 202.75; Joyce M. Kathol 43.88; Jeanette K. Kelly 208.30; Steven C. Korth 61.64; Steven L. Lammers 46.10; Nicholas Lenhoff 191.65; Jayson Mathiason 46.10; Brian G. Noecker 213.85; Steven J. Noecker 219.40; Barbara Parsons 62.75; Sandy K. Petersen 36.11; Randall L. Pinkelman 36.11; Julia Kleinschmit 43.88; Teresa J. Schaefer 215.48; Janice M. Schiferl 51.65; Diane W. Souhrada 46.10; Duane Stingley 297.10; Jan M. Sudbeck 51.65; Paula E. Webb 48.32; Corlynn K. Wilbeck 48.32; Donald Wright 57.20; Jodi Kelly 86.60; Kayla Kelly 173.20; Tiffany Kelly 45.53; Pam Long 86.60; Evelyn Stevens 306.30; John Wippert 75.50; Thaine Woodward 56.63.
ROAD FUND: Total Salaries 50,019.61; Aflac 502.84; Ameritas Life Insurance 5,582.20; IRS 3,140.44; Social Security 6,566.31; BCBS 24,651.42; First Concord Benefits Group LLC 190.00; Hartford Life Insurance 20.00; Nationwide Retirement Solutions 50.00; Nebraska Dept. of Revenue 1,246.37; Washington Natl Insurance Co. 49.40; AT & T 117.32; Appeara 96.10; B’s Enterprises 1,738.00; Berner’s Service 79.00; Bomgaars 668.43; Carhart Lumber Co. 494.00; Carlson Home & Auto 595.83; Caterpillar Financial Services Corp. 6,700.53; Cedar County Auto Parts Inc. 395.72; Cedar-Knox Public Power District 395.30; CellCom-Hartington 55.98; Central Valley Ag 169.19; Century Link 95.91; City of Hartington 45.00; City of Laurel 56.70; Coleridge Welding Inc. 423.12; Colonial Research Chemical Crop. 102.67; Corner Mart 78.70; Farmers Union Gas & oil 369.87; Filter Care of Nebr. 120.50; Fischer Feed & Supply 89.00; Folkers Bros. Garage 147.12; Great Plains Communications Inc. 141.79; Hansen Repair Inc. 374.64; Hartelco 203.75; Hefner Oil & Feed Co. 10,583.38; Holiday Inn 179.90; Jerry’s Service Inc. 139.60; Kaiser Appliance & Refrigeration 24.00; Roman Keiter 34.62; Kimball Midwest 159.46; Kenneth G. Koch 150.00; Arnold Konken 14.00; Kruse True Value 37.57; Jerome Kuehn 11.00; L & E Auto Parts 2.33; Laurel Welding 263.03; Leiting Auto Supply 518.91; Medical Enterprises Inc. 5.00; Menfords Hardware & Farm Store 226.08; Midwest Service & Sales Co. 385.00; Nebraska Public Power Dist. 101.06; NMC Exchange LLC 52.16; NMC Exchange LLC 344.12; NMC Exchange LLC 101,720.73; North Central Builders 28,066.80; Northeast Equipment Inc. 1,693.60; Northeast Nebr. Telephone Co. 41.92; Peitz GMC Service Inc. 877.15; Randolph Farm Supply 131.52; Rath’s Mini Mart 285.51; Carla Schmidt 235.32; St. Helena Store 225.94; Stop N Go 73.59; The Parts House Inc.1,080.21; U.S. Bank 127.84; Kathy Uhl 333.00; Urwiler Oil & Fertilizer 95.70; US Cellular 221.59; Walton Appliance & Repair 37.54; Wattier True Value 20.46; Wiebelhaus Service 102.17; Wiechelman Repair, Inc. 1,207.48; Wynot Oil Company 4,528.55; Gerald Zavadil 34.62.
CEDAR COUNTY TRANSIT FUND: Farmers Union Gas & Oil 285.96; Ann M. Lentz 1,700.00; Ann Lentz 25.00; Mary Rose Pinkelman 1,210.00; Stop N Go 156.71; US Cellular 45.38.
E911 FUND: Bullberry Systems Inc 721.50; Century Link 518.18; Eastern Nebraska Telephone Co. 167.08 GIS Workshop 1,051.54; Great Plains Communications Inc. 123.72; Hartelco 971.30; MCI Comm. Service 25.70; Northeast Nebr. Telephone Co. 377.81.
DIVERSION FUND: US Cellular 344.85.
INHERITANCE TAX FUND: Merit Mechanical Inc. 91,444.14
E 911 WIRELESS FUND: Bullberry Systems Inc. 1,228.50; GIS Workshop 1,790.46.
David McGregor,
Board Chairman
David Dowling, County Clerk
Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 53-133 that a class C Liquor license has been applied for and that a Hearing will be Held February 28th in the Commissioners Room of the Cedar County Courthouse the following retail liquor license.
Sportsman’s Steakhouse & Lounge C-97460
Kevin R. Erickson
Notice is hereby given that written protests to the issuance of automatic renewal of license may be filed by any resident of the county on or before February 28th, 2012 in the office of the Cedar County Clerk and that in the event protests are filed, hearing will be had to determine whether issuance of the license should be allowed.
David Dowling
Cedar County clerk
Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 7:00 p.m., the City of Hartington will hold a Public Hearing at the City’s Office for the purpose of presenting and adopting a One and Six Year Street Improvement Plan for said governing body. Anyone living within said City of Hartington, Nebraska, interested in the plan may appear in person or by counsel and be heard.
Crystal Lenzen
City Clerk
City of Hartington
January 12, 2012
A regular meeting of the Board of Education, Wynot Public Schools, Dist. 101, was called to order by the President, Neal Hochstein, on January 12, 2012 at 8:03 p.m. The public is advised a copy of the Open Meetings Act is available on the table in the Home Economics Room at Wynot Public Schools. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call showed the following board members present: Neal Hochstein, Dean Heine, Kenny Wieseler, Danny Wieseler and Alison Lange. Board member Laurie Schulte was absent. Also present were Director of Services Craig Frerichs, Principal Richard Higgins and one guest.
Public comment was heard.
Director of Services Frerichs asked for nominations for board offices for 2012. Hochstein was nominated as President. Motion by K. Wieseler and seconded by Heine that nominations cease and Hochstein is nominated as President. Carried 5-0-1.
Heine was nominated as Vice President. Motion by Hochstein and seconded by D. Wieseler that nominations cease and Heine is nominated as Vice President. Carried 5-0-1.
K. Wieseler was nominated as Secretary. Motion by D. Wieseler and seconded by Lange that nominations cease and K. Wieseler is nominated as Secretary. Carried 5-0-1.
Business Manager Chrys Koch was nominated as Treasurer. Motion by Lange and seconded by D. Wieseler that nominations cease and Koch is nominated as Treasurer. Carried 5-0-1.
President Hochstein made the following 2012 Board Committee appointments: Finance—Schulte, Heine and Hochstein; Americanism—Schulte, Lange, Hochstein; Curriculum/ Instruction—Heine, Lange, K. Wieseler; Building/ Grounds/ Transportation—D. Wieseler, Heine, K. Wieseler; Negotiations—K. Wieseler, D. Wieseler, Lange.
Motion by Heine and seconded by Lange to certify the meeting was properly advertised and adopt the agenda. Carried 5-0-1.
Motion by Heine and seconded by D. Wieseler to approve the Consent Agenda, items including minutes of the December 8, 2011 regular school board meeting; the Treasurer’s Report; the General Fund bills in the amount of $47,637.14 and the Qualified Capital Purpose Undertaking Fund bills in the amount of $28,851.25; and excuse absent board member Schulte. Carried 5-0-1.
GENERAL FUND: Airgas $62.32; AmSan $280.60; Appeara $29.00; Art Kathol Appl. $739.22; Avera Health Clinics-Hartington $120.00; Bank of America $1,563.19; Barone Security $389.06; Butch’s Propane $3,418.46; Chase Card $115.65; Cedar-Knox PPD $4,413.06; Coleridge Community Schools $4,515.71; Creative Educational $120.00; ESU #1 $13,343.81; Hartelco $10,437.96; Hastings Entertainment $124.85; Hauff Sports $33.48; J. Higgins $40.24; A. Hochstein $20.00; JW Pepper $67.79; Kopetsky’s Ace Hdwe $8.47; Laminex $112.62; Laurel-Concord Schools $4,370.27; Menford Hardware $472.04; Mike’s Instrument Repairs $70.00; Newcastle Public Schools $444.44; NE Public Employees Retirement Systems $75.72 Office Depot $537.61; Olson’s Pest $54.45; One Source $23.00; PayFlex $100.00; Physio-Control $111.50; Sam’s Club $100.00; Steffen Drug $7.65; United Bank of Iowa $241.00; Village of Wynot $257.80; Wal-Mart $67.96; Wynot Oil $2,748.21. QCPU FUND: Cedar Security Bank $15.00; JP Morgan/Chase NYC $28,851.25.
Motion by D. Wieseler and seconded by Lange to affirm Cedar Security Bank as primary custodian of funds for 2012. Carried 5-0-1.
Motion by Heine and seconded by D. Wieseler to affirm the Cedar County News as the official district newspaper for 2012. Carried 5-0-1.
No attendance/credit recommendations for the 2011-2012 fall semester were presented for approval.
Motion by D. Wieseler and seconded by K. Wieseler to approve the Wynot Education Association as sole bargaining unit for certificated staff for the 2012-2013 school year. Carried 5-0-1.
Motion by K. Wieseler and seconded by Heine to approve Menford Hardware and Farm Supply as District Motor Vehicle Mechanic for vehicle inspections for the 2011-2012 school year. Carried 5-0-1.
Agenda items discussed with no official action taken were: Review 2012-2013 school calendar considerations; Discuss any coop agreements for the 2012-2013 school year; Discuss technology bids for projectors.
The Principal and Administrator reports were presented.
President, Neal Hochstein, adjourned the meeting at 10:10 p.m.
The next regular board meeting has been set for February 9, 2012 at 8 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Kenneth G. Wieseler,
Cedar County
Division 2-F
Stan and Cheryl Sudbeck filed in the Department of Natural Resources (Department) application A-18846 for a permit to impound water and application A-18860 to appropriate water.
Summary of Application A-18846 for a permit to impound water:
Type:    Storage above ground
Source:    Tributary to East Bow Creek
Quantity of Water to be Impounded: 20 acre-feet
Name of Proposed Reservoir:Alex Taylor Reservoir
Location of Proposed Reservoir: NW¼NW¼ S-7, T-30N, R-3E
Summary of Application A-18860 for a permit to appropriate water:
Type: Storage use out-of-stream use
Purpose: Irrigation
Source: Alex Taylor Reservoir
Point of Diversion: NW¼NW¼ S-7, T-30N, R-3E
Location of Use: NW¼NW¼ S-7, T-30N, R-3E
Amount: 20 acre-feet per year
Additional project information and procedures for objections or comments may be obtained by contacting the Surface Water Permits section of the Department at (402) 471-2363 or through the Department’s website at
Objections must be received by the Department by 5:00 p.m. on March 15, 2012.
Date of Notice February 15, 2012.
Registered Office: 88155 Hwy. 57, Hartington, NE 68739.
General nature of the business to be transacted is to engage in any and all lawful business for which a limited liability company may be organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska.
Time of commencement and termination: February 3, 2012, and has a perpetual existence.
The affairs of the Limited Liability Company are to be conducted by the members.
Steven L. Archbold
Attorney for Whole Hog
Genetics Company, L.L.C.
P.O. Box 707,
201 North Broadway
Bloomfield, NE 68718
Bar I.D.#15007
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Rolfes Ag, LLC, a Nebraska limited liability company (the “Company”), has been organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska, with its designated (registered) office at 57207 888 Rd, Wynot, Nebraska 68792, and its registered agent is Marlan Rolfes. The Company was organized for the purpose of farming and to do all other acts necessary or convenient to carry out said purposes and to conduct all lawful business that a limited liability company may engage in under the laws of the State of Nebraska, with the business of farming as its primary business. The Company was organized and commenced on January 21, 2012 and it shall have perpetual existence unless dissolved in accordance with its Certificate of Organization, its Operating Agreement (if any) or the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Act. The affairs of the Company are to be managed by its members Alan Rolfes, Marlan Rolfes and Craig Rolfes.
David D. Knoff
Attorney for Rolfes Ag, LLC
PO Box 867
Hartington, NE 68739

Sandbar Ridge, LLC
This company has been organized for the purpose of conducting a business in the real estate industry, engaging in the management of real estate, and to carry out any lawful business that an organization may conduct under the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.
The registered agent of the company is Regg Pehrson and the address of the registered office is 87990 574 Avenue, Laurel, Nebraska 68745. The address of the initial designated office is 87990 574 Avenue, Laurel, Nebraska 68745.
The company was commenced on January 27, 2012, and the company has perpetual existence.
The affairs of the company are to be conducted by Tom Anderson, Garrett Fischer, Cary Goeden, Mark Goeden, Lyle Grone, Scott Heine, Regg Pehrson, Steve Smith, Bradley Sudbeck, Dale Sudbeck, Tami Sudbeck and Amber Waterbury.
Keelan Holloway, #24681
Monson & Holloway
Attorneys at Law
108 Oak Street
Laurel, Nebraska 68745
(402) 256-3219
Sportsman’s Steakhouse and Lounge, LLC
This company has been organized for the purpose of conducting a business in the food service industry, engaging in the sales of food and alcoholic beverages, and to carry out any lawful business that an organization may conduct under the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.
The registered agent of the company is Kevin R. Erickson and the address of the registered office is 89229 572 Avenue, Wynot, Nebraska 68792.
The company was commenced on January 13, 2012, and the company has perpetual existence.
The affairs of the company are to be conducted by Kevin R. Erickson.
Monson & Holloway
Attorneys at Law
108 Oak Street
Laurel, Nebraska 68745
(402) 256-3219
You are hereby notified that on 8/30/11, the Plaintiff Credit Management Services, Inc., filed a Complaint in the COUNTY Court of CEDAR County, Nebraska, against you shown as Case Number CI11 109 . The object and prayer of which is a judgment in the amount of 411.63, plus court costs, pre-judgment interest and attorney fees, if applicable.
The Complaint prays that judgment be entered against you. You are hereby notified that you must answer the Complaint on or before 3/16/12 at the COUNTY court of CEDAR County, HARTINGTON Nebraska.
SETH W. YOUNT #24762
PO Box 1512
Grand Island, NE 68802
308 398-3801
Attorney for Plaintiff
Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, Plaintiff,
Shirley Arens, et al.
Case No. CI 11-63
TO: Estate of Ralph R. Arens, Unknown Heirs, Devisees, and Legatees of Ralph R. Arens, and their Successors and/or Assigns.
YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED: That a Complaint has been filed by the Plaintiff in the above entitled Court in an action praying for foreclosure of the Deed of Trust recorded July 31, 2003, in Book 230, at Page 581 in the Cedar County Register of Deeds Office, related to the following property:
Commonly known as 401 W Centre St, Hartington, NE 68739.
You are required to accept or plead to said Complaint on or before the 23rd day of March, 2012, or the allegations of said Complaint will be taken as true and judgment rendered accordingly.
Dated the 27th day of January, 2012.
/s/ Kerry C. Feld
Kerry Feld, NSBA #24614
Erika Knapstein,
NSBA #24088
12400 Olive Blvd, Suite 555
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 991-0255
(314) 567-8015 (fax)