Published On: Wed, Nov 4th, 2015

Laurel Advocate Public Notices 11.4.15



October 12, 2015

Mayor Mark Patefield called the Council meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. Roll Call: Swanson, Garber, Johnson. Knudsen – absent. Administrator Mark McCoy, Clerk Carlson and Attorney Holloway were also present. Guests: Lori Hansen, Deanna Anderson, Larry Cross, Sandra Cross and Nancy Johnson.

The Open Meetings act was posted and acknowledged. Notice of the meeting was published in the Laurel Advocate and posted in three public places. The agenda was on file at the Clerk’s office and kept continually current. Advance notice of the agenda & meeting were given to the Mayor & Council.

Swanson made a motion, Johnson second to approve the September Council minutes. Roll Call Vote: Aye – Swanson, Garber, Johnson. Knudsen – absent. Motion carried.

Johnson made a motion, Garber second to approve the September Claims. Roll Call Vote: Aye – Garber, Johnson, Swanson. Knudsen- absent. Motion carried. September, 2015

GENERAL: Payroll… 5288.19; EFTPS… 1499.57; NE Dept of Rev… 208.19; Aflac… 89.10; LEAF… 101.95; Reserve Account… 100.00; Ameritas Life Ins… 408.60; Cedar County Clerk… 10.00; Electric… 23.71; Gary’s Foodtown… 43.58; Laurel Vet Clinic… 150.00; Heartland Fire Protection Co… 22.96; Monson/Holloway… 300.00; Pitney Bowes… 129.00; Quill… .99; ABB… 211.41; Aramark… 185.50; Business Card… 84.43; Laurel Advocate… 332.17; LCC School… 950.00; State Treasurer… 46.56; United Healthcare… 3016.88; Western Office Tech… 71.41

PUBLIC WORKS: Payroll… 17686.45; EFTPS… 5680.17; NE Dept of Rev… 6198.77; Aflac… 209.16; Reserve Account… 300.00; Electric Rev. Bonds (2015)… 4750.00; Ameritas Life Ins… 429.51; CKPPD… 59876.75; Community 1st Nat’l. Bank… 8819.98; Department of Energy… 7274.68; Electric… 2261.65; Gary’s Foodtown… 127.69; Laurel True Value… 279.10; Midwest Lab… 245.47; Physical Therapy Clinic Fund… 667.01; Rath’s Mini Mart… 434.79; T&R Electric… 2160.00; The Parts House… 73.18; Heartland Fire Protection Co… 102.78; A-1 Mist Sprayers… 920.00; Echo Group/Council Bluffs… 122.77; Municipal Supply of NE… 1070.60; Source Gas… 797.88; Utility Eq. Co… 41.69; D. Beene… 78.37; J. Denney… 93.36; N. Holz… 78.32; J. Johnson… 90.93; A. Murphy… 101.33; I. Test… 152.69; B. Wheeler… 104.48; ABB… 100.67; Aramark… 1217.34; Builders Resource… 200.27; Business Card… 616.67; Corner Mart… 91.02; D. Nobbe-Tisthammer… 100.00; Fredrickson Oil Co… 717.30; B. Galvin… 200.00; Grossenburg Impl… 31.30; K. Knudsen… 180.00; Kriz-Davis… 1209.72; Laurel Feed & Grain… 5.75; Laurel Sand & Gravel… 219.63; E. Mottl… 62.00; Nebraska Public Health Env… 15.00; One Call Concepts… 10.00; The Parts House… 365.25; U.S. Cellular… 60.33; United Healthcare… 4027.53; Urwiler Oil & Fert… 72.50; Steve Harris Const… 46437.97; T. P. Hansen RVOC Trust… 948.99

PUBLIC HEALTH & SAFETY: Payroll… 9621.11; EFTPS… 3275.87; NE Dept of Rev… 479.83; Aflac… 180.00; Reserve Account… 100.00; R. Van Cleave… 187.90; Ameritas Life Ins… 319.17; EMS Billing Services… 105.27; Electric… 95.89; Gary’s Foodtown… 24.01; Jack’s Uniforms & Equip… 205.80; Kardell’s Auto… 40.00; L.P. Gill… 1750.66; Physical Therapy Clinic Fund… 18.00; Rath’s Mini Mart… 106.57; Heartland Fire Protection Co… 114.99; D&L Towing & Recovery… 369.25; EMP… 788.32; Verizon… 105.53; Ambulance Fund… 5000.00; ABB… 38.57; Aramark… 94.07; Business Card… 1946.18; Corner Mart… 213.77; Grossenburg Impl… 23.52; Hansen Repair… 185.25; U.S. Cellular… 60.33; United Healthcare… 1104.14; Urwiler Oil & Fert… 74.00

CULTURAL & RECREATION: Payroll… 1226.35; EFTPS… 638.10; NE Dept of Rev… 70.05; Burns Welding & Repair… 84.54; Electric… 408.84; Gary’s Foodtown… 41.02; Laurel True Value… 42.99; Rath’s Mini Mart… 239.07; Heartland Fire Protection Co… 7.66; Quill… 131.90; Source Gas… 130.94; Business Card… 208.33; Corner Mart… 48.85; Grossenburg Impl… 84.27; Laurel Advocate… 50.00; Laurel Feed & Grain… 14.38

PUBLIC BUILDINGS: Payroll… 141.08; EFTPS… 44.29; NE Dept of Rev… 1.91; Electric… 295.87; Gary’s Foodtown… 13.67; Heartland Fire Protection Co… 30.61; Floor Maintenance… 61.93; Source Gas… 39.01

PHYSICAL THERAPY CLINIC: Security Bank… 1500.00; CKPPD… 1000.00

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Payroll… 3698.63; EFTPS… 1153.02; NE Dept of Rev… 151.91; Ameritas Life Ins… 169.57; Gary’s Foodtown… 3.99; Laurel Plantation… 91.25; Quill… 7.14; ABB… 32.62; Business Card… 156.13; Electric… 44.00; Laurel Advocate… 9.20; Omaha World Herald… 22.75; L. Virgil… 297.30; Wayne Herald/Morning Shopper… 50.00

Regg Pehrson with the Laurel Rural Fire Department approached the Council asking if the City would be willing to work together in applying for grants to build a new fire hall. Luke Virgil, Ec. Dev. recommended that the City have representatives from the Council. Mayor Patefield, Mark McCoy and Chad Johnson all volunteered.

Heather Eagle reported for Hillcrest Care Center. There are 23 in the Nursing Home and 9 in the Assisted Living. They had a loss of $596.21 for the month.

Hillcrest Colonial Manor’s report was included in the Council Packets.

Officer Ron Lundahl reported for the Laurel Police Department. The September Monthly Summary is as follows: 2 Fix it ticket, 2 citation, 5 warnings, 2 accident, 2 animal complaint, 1 criminal mischief, 1 motorist assist, 2 outside assist, 6 hours of officer Training, 15 school traffic, 1 funeral traffic, 1 alarm, 1ambulance assist, 180 building checks, 2 suspicious persons, 1 disturbance, 2 traffic complaint. The police car traveled 650 miles.

Luke Virgil reported for Ec. Development. He has been working with Katie Christiansen putting Welcome Packets together for new members of the community. Other projects he has been working on: New Adventure LLC, Extra Blessings (2nd hand store), transitional housing and the possibility of a new fire hall. Swanson made a motion, Johnson second to approve the DTR pay request for Knuckleheadz/Claramont Steak House for $10520.25. Roll Call Vote: Aye – Johnson, Swanson, Garber. Knudsen – absent. Motion carried.

Kevin Nordby reported for the CRA. All paperwork with CRA and the City of Laurel concerning New Adventures LLC has been completed. CPS is possibly willing to sell Lot 1R back to the CRA with restrictions of use. The CRA is looking into options to provide another access to Lot 10 NW Industrial Park.

The Library Board is moving ahead with accreditation.

No report from the Laurel Rescue Squad or Laurel Recreation Board.

Swanson made a motion to keep the employee’s wage increase at 1%. Motion died for lack of a second. Johnson made a motion to give employees a 3% wage increase. Motion died for lack of a second. Garber made a motion, Swanson second to give employees a 2% raise. Roll call vote: Aye – Swanson, Garber, Johnson. Knudsen – absent. Motion carried.

Four building permits were reviewed. 1) Adra Annala – 8’x9’ shed attached to garage 2) Dollar General Pole Sign – 5’x10’ sign cabinet (OAH 20’) 3) Dollar General – 2 wall signs (97.5 sq ft each) 4) Brad Harder – 5’x20’ door with doorway extension & 6’x30’ building connection between old and new building. Swanson made a motion, Garber second to approve all four building permits. Roll Call Vote – Aye – Swanson, Garber, Johnson. Knudsen – absent. Motion carried.

The Council reviewed Adm. McCoy’s report. There have been complaints about the seeding of the grass along the new paved street areas. John Zwingman (ACES) has been contacted. Well 841-1 will have multiple samples drawn and sampling will continue over the next 1 ½ to 2 years to see if the selenium level has been lowered. McCoy will meet with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers on Oct. 22nd regarding the Logan Creek embankment reconstruction. Scott Pigg is moving forward with the drain basin project.

Jason Swanson gave written notification to the Council asking that they accept his resignation as a City Council member as he is “unable to give my full attention to the needs of the community”. Johnson made a motion, Garber second to accept the resignation of Jason Swanson. Roll Call Vote: Garber, Johnson, Swanson. Knudsen – absent. Motion carried. Mayor Patefield thanked him for his years of service. If anyone is interested in the position, please contact Mayor Patefield.

At 6:42 the meeting was adjourned.

The next scheduled Council meeting will be held Monday November 9th, 2015 @ 6:00 P.M.

Victoria L Carlson

Laurel City Clerk





The Cedar County Board of Commissioners will meet at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, in the Commissioners’ Room in the Cedar County Courthouse.

Agenda is available in the County Clerk’s office.







The Board of Education of the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School will meet in regular session on Tuesday, November 10, 2015, at the LCC School Board of Education Room, Coleridge, NE at 6:30 p.m. An agenda for the meeting, which shall be kept continually current, is readily available for public inspection at the Superintendent’s office during normal business hours.


Coleridge School

Randall Klooz







Estate of Rodney W. Hansen, Deceased

Estate No. PR 15-39

Notice is hereby given that on Oct. 13, 2015, in the County Court of Cedar County, Nebraska, the Registrar issued a written statement of Informal Probate of the Will of said Decedent and that Helen M. Hansen, whose address is 216 South Chambers, Unit #C, Coleridge, NE 68727 was informally appointed by the Registrar as Personal Representative of the Estate.

Creditors of Estate must file their claims with this Court on or before January 4th, 2016 or be forever barred.

Diane L. Sudbeck

Clerk of the County Court

101 S. Broadway

P.O. Box 695

Hartington, NE 68739-0695

Craig W. Monson

Attorney at Law #12882

108 Oak Street

Laurel, Nebraska 68745

Tele: (402)256-3219