Published On: Fri, Apr 22nd, 2016

Coleridge Blade Public Notices 4.20.16


The Cedar County Board of Commissioners will meet at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, April 26, 2016, in the Commissioners’ Room in the Cedar County Courthouse.

Agenda is available in the County Clerk’s office.




Village of Coleridge

Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2016

The Regular Meeting of the Village Board of Trustees of Coleridge, Nebraska was held at the Coleridge Community Building in said Village beginning at 7:00 p.m., Monday, April 11, 2016.  Present were Chairman George R. Hefner and Trustees, Kerry Hefner, Terry Burbach and Greg Meier. Trustee Mary Jo Hansen was absent. Also present were Jeana Robinette, Deanna Anderson, Dennis Naslund, and Sharon Anderson.

Notice of the meeting was given in advance by publication in the Coleridge Blade on April 6, 2016. Notice of the meeting was simultaneously given to all trustees and a copy of their acknowledgment of receipt of notice is in permanent record. Availability of the agenda was communicated in the advance notice, a copy of which is on file in the office of the Village Clerk and a copy was given to each member of the Board prior to the meeting.  All proceedings thereafter were taken while the convened meeting was open to the public.

Chairman George R. Hefner called the meeting to order; he stated to all in attendance that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act was available for review and indicated the location of a copy posted in the meeting room.

Burbach, seconded by K. Hefner, made a motion to approve the agenda. Hearing no objections, Chairman G. Hefner declared the agenda approved as printed.

The Board discussed consent agenda items; previous month regular meeting minutes, financial reports, claims, police report, Wau-Col RWS report. Motion by K. Hefner seconded by Meier to approve. By roll call vote: By roll call vote: K. Hefner, Aye; Burbach, Aye; Meier, Aye; Hansen, Absent; G. Hefner, Aye. Motion carried 4-0.


8624 Anderson Sharon: Wage, 848.38; 8625 Jueden Kyla: Wage, 262.96; 8626 Naslund Dennis: Wage, 1205.02; 8627 Weller Darby: Wage, 905.32; 8628 Anderson Sharon: Wage, 1157.04; 8629 Jueden Kyla: Wage, 325.51; 8630 Naslund Dennis: Wage, 1536.31; 8631 Weller Darby: Wage, 1183.17; TOTAL 7423.71

2454, JP Rowe Construction: Cap O Park Repairs Tornado, 1968.42; 2455 Mid-Continental Restoration Co, Inc: Cap Impr park WWI Tornado, 6934.00; 2456 JEO Consulting Group Inc: Cap O water Professional WHP, 2400.00; 2457 Terry Burbach: Maintenance, 50.00; 2458 Coleridge Welding: Repair-Maintenance-Materials, 152.61; 2459 Hefner Oil: Repair-Maintenance-Materials, 507.90; 2460 Olson’s Pest Technicians: Repair-Maintenance-Materials, 34.60; 2461 Bomgaars: Materials, 136.21; 2462 Barco Municipal Products: Materials, 114.11; 2463 Country Nursery Inc: Materials, 210.00; 2464 HD Supply: Materials, 1239.00; 2465 Love Signs, Inc: Materials, 520.00; 2466 Mc2 Inc: Materials, 66.46; 2467 Survival Armor Inc: Materials, 734.00; 2468 Laurel Plantation: Materials, 42.20; 2469 Office Depot: Materials, 209.97; 2470 Petty Cash: Materials, 65.34; 2471 U.S. Postal Service : Materials, 235.00; 2472 U. S. Cellular: Police Utilities, 48.92; 2473 U. S. Cellular: Street Utilities, 35.99; 2474 Gill Hauling: Sanitation Services, 2702.50; 2475 Coleridge Blade: Professional, 125.63; 2476 One Call Concepts, Inc.Dig: Professional, 5.67; 2477 DHHS Nebraska Public Health Enviro Lab: Professional, 49.00; 2478 Midwest Lab: Professional, 381.00; 2479 Milbrath-Sayler: Professional, 50.00; 2480 Leroy Cautrell: Meeting-Schooling-Expense, 599.69; 2481 Dennis Naslund: Meeting-Schooling-Expense, 314.15; 2482 Fairfield Inn: Meeting-Schooling, 379.80; 2483 Union Bank & Trust: NPAIT, 2853.75; 2484 Ameriprise: Payroll Liab: Retirement, 582.18; 2485 Nebraska Department of Revenue: 941N Qtr, 1111.00; 2486 Anderson Construction: Maintenance Snow Removal, 1510; 2487 Nebraska Rural Water Assoc, NRWA: Meeting-Schooling-Expense, 375.00; EFT Social Security/wh Payroll Liability, 2303.08; EW Nebraska Department of Revenue: Sales Tax F10, 589.93; EW Northeast Nebraska Telephone: Utilities, 206.32; EW Cedar-Knox PPD: Utilities, 3664.44; EW Source Gas: Utilities, 110.00; TOTAL 33617.87

U.S. Cellular agent Jeana Robinette presented information on new wireless technology, and worked with the Board to complete an analysis questionnaire pertaining to future needs of the Village.

Dennis Naslund reported the No Truck Parking signs have been placed on Main street as outlined at the March Board meeting; street repairs were discussed, including armor coating, crack filling and areas needing concrete repair or replacement; A representative from the Nebraska Rural Water Association (NeRWA) will be here this week to exercise water line main valves.

Motion by Burbach seconded by K. Hefner, to accept an estimate from CL Electric for the east ball field lights and wiring. By roll call vote: Burbach, Aye; K. Hefner, Aye; Meier, Aye; Hansen, Absent; G. Hefner, Aye. Motion carried 4-0.

Motion by Burbach seconded by K. Hefner, to purchase two Daktronics scoreboards from Crouch Recreation.  By roll call vote: Meier, Aye; Burbach, Aye; K. Hefner, Aye; Hansen, Absent; G. Hefner, Aye. Motion carried 4-0.

Burbach, seconded by Meier, made a motion to appoint Norma Dendinger to the Coleridge Housing Authority Board. By roll call vote: K. Hefner, Aye; Burbach, Aye; Meier, Aye; Hansen, Absent; G. Hefner, Aye. Motion carried 4-0.

Trustee K. Hefner introduced and moved for passage of Resolution 16-02, Sale of Corona Lots, as discussed.  Seconded by Meier.  By roll call vote: Burbach, Aye; K. Hefner, Aye; Meier, Aye; Hansen, Absent; G. Hefner, Aye. Motion carried 4-0.

Reports were presented and reviewed on the following; FY 2014-2015 audit prepared by Dana F. Cole and Company; Hazard Mitigation Plan; FEMA Disaster Declaration DR 4183 projects.

K. Hefner moved that the meeting adjourn; Burbach seconded the motion. Hearing no objections, Chairman G. Hefner declared the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

ATTEST: Sharon Anderson, Village Clerk

APPROVED: George R. Hefner, Village Board Chairman