Published On: Wed, Nov 25th, 2015

Coleridge Blade Public Notices 11.25.15

In accordance with Section 84-1408 through 84-1414, Nebraska Rev. Stat., the Wau-Col Regional Water System – Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District will hold a Public Meeting on Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Belden Library; Belden, Nebraska. An agenda of the items to be considered at such time and place is kept continually current and available for public inspection during normal business hours at the Lower Elkhorn NRD, 601 East Benjamin, Norfolk, NE.
November 18, 2015
The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of Park View Haven Nursing Home/The Embers was held at 6:30 p.m., November 18, 2015 at The Embers, Coleridge, Nebraska.  
Present were:  T. Burbach, K. Hefner, G. Meier, and M.J. Hansen.  Absent:  G. Hefner.  Others Present: S. Kalin, Adm., and B. Lage, Recording Secretary.
Notice of the meeting was given by publishing it in the Coleridge Blade on November 11, 2015.  Notice of the meeting was simultaneously given to all directors and a copy of their acknowledgment of receipt of notice is in permanent record.  Availability of the agenda was communicated in the advance notice, a copy of which is on file in the front office of Park View Haven and a copy was given to each member of the Board prior to the meeting.  All proceedings thereafter were taken while the convened meeting was open to the public.
Chairperson M.J. Hansen called the meeting to order, and she stated to all in attendance that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act was available for review and indicated the location of the copy posted in the meeting room.  
Roll call was taken.  Motion was made by T. Burbach and seconded by K. Hefner to approve the agenda.  Hearing no objections, Chairperson Hansen declared the agenda approved as printed.
At 6:33 p.m. Director G. Hefner arrived at the meeting.
The Board discussed consent agenda items; October 21st Board meeting minutes, Park View Haven October financial reports &claims, The Embers October financial reports & claims.   Motion was made by K. Hefner and seconded by G. Meier, to approve as printed and distributed.  By roll call vote: Voting AYE:  T. Burbach, G. Hefner, K. Hefner, G. Meier and M. J. Hansen.  Voting NAY: None.  Motion carried five to none.  
Park View Haven Claims
Salaries – 10-29-15, 28190.15;Fed/Fica – 10-29-15, 11006.18;Salaries – 11-12-15, 28828.79; Fed/Fica – 11-12-15, 11205.89; ACH, Cedar-Knox Public Power District, occupancy, 2371.00; ACH, Village of Coleridge, occupancy, 1354.30; ACH, SourceGas, occupancy, 842.00; 5883, Cafeteria Plan, employee benefits, 511.71; 5884, Kathleen A. Laughlin, garnishment, 102.00; 5885, L.F. Noll, Inc., garnishment, 154.87; 5886, Kara Lineweaver, tuition reimbursement, 300.00; 5887, Park View Haven Longevity Awards, employee benefits, 250.00; 5888, Tanya Pico, recruitment, 50.00; 5909,, occupancy, 295.14; 5910, Aflac, employee benefits, 398.96; 5911, Ameriprise Financial Advisors, employee benefits, 450.00; 5912, AMGL, employee benefits, 100.00; 5913, Art Kathol Appliance, occupancy, 477.15; 5914, Avera Sacred Heart Hospital, nursing, 346.80; 5915, Century Business, adm, 128.42; 5916, Chesterman Co., vending, 82.25; 5917, Coleridge Blade, adm, nursing, & dietary, 611.64; 5918, Coleridge Postmaster, adm, 245.00; 5919, Direct Supply, dietary & nursing, 374.91; 5920, Dr. Carolyn Hall, nursing, 3510.00; 5921, Dr. Gilberto Collazo, nursing, 250.00; 5922, Ecolab, dietary, 87.56; 5923, Encompass, laundry, 218.03; 5924, EZ Nutrition Consulting, dietary, 747.25; 5925, Faith Regional Health Services, nursing, 142.20; 5926, Floor Maintenance, nursing & occupancy, 204.03; 5927, Gabriel, hskp, 416.54; 5928, Gill Hauling, occupancy, 140.00; 5929, Grossenburg Implement, occupancy, 763.66; 5930, GuideOne, workmen’s compensation insurance, property & auto premiums, 12900.75; 5931, Hal Somer, nursing, 5120.08; 5932, HCIS, nursing, 80.00; 5933, HD Supply, nursing & occupancy, 118.96; 5934, Heartland Fire Protection, occupancy, 210.30; 5935, Hefner Electronics, nursing, 204.15; 5936, Hefner Oil & Feed, nursing & occupancy, 1303.66; 5937, Heritage Company, adm, 58.59; 5938, Hiland Diary Company, dietary, 258.07; 5939, Ability Network Inc., adm, 40.00; 5940, Nebraska Journal-Leader, adm, dietary & nursing, 105.84; 5941, Ken’s LLC, dietary, nursing, laundry, hskp, vending & activities, 2082.58; 5942, Krier Technology Inc., nursing, 210.00; 5943, Kruse Hardware and TV,  occupancy & activities, 85.59; 5944, Lincare, nursing, 307.97; 5945, McKesson, nursing, 1730.95; 5946, Medi-Waste Disposal, nursing, 270.00; 5947, NNTC, adm & nursing, 1716.13; 5948, OGH, nursing, 33.04; 5949, Park View Haven Longevity Awards, employee benefits, 263.00; 5950, Penner Patient Care Systems, nursing, 91.00; 5951, Pioneer Investments, employee benefits, 3448.67; 5952, PLIC – SBD Grand Island, dental, vision, & life insurance premiums, 1188.15; 5953, Point Click Care, nursing, 620.70; 5954, Presto X Company, occupancy, 47.74; 5955, Security Shredding, nursing, 35.00; 5956, Hartington Shopper, nursing & dietary, 276.00; 5957, Staples Advantage, nursing & adm, 105.94; 5958, Steffen Drug Store, nursing, 3033.48; 5959, Sysco Lincoln, hskp, dietary, nursing & laundry, 4611.25; 5960, The Thompson Co., dietary, 3674.65; 5961, U.S. Cellular, nursing, 79.36; 5962, United Healthcare, health insurance premium, 6324.45; 5963, Vital Care, nursing, 145.50; 5964, Washington National Insurance Company, employee benefits, 162.75; 5965, Wayne Herald, adm, dietary & nursing, 258.50; 5966, Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C., nursing, 912.03; 5967, Cafeteria Plan, employee benefits, 483.07; 5968, Kathleen A. Laughlin, garnishment, 102.00; 5969, Petty Cash, nursing, activities, adm, dietary & occupancy, 383.83; 5970, Ken’s LLC, dietary, 1801.13; 5971, Mary Jo Hansen, adm, 100.00
The Embers Claims
Salaries – 10-29-15, 7158.49; Fed/Fica – 10-29-15, 2094.39; Salaries – 11-12-15, 6397.75; Fed/Fica – 11-12-15, 1812.61; ACH, Village of Coleridge, occupancy, 675.45; ACH, Cedar-Knox Public Power District, occupancy, 1955.00; ACH, Source Gas, occupancy, 742.00; 4862, Cafeteria Plan, employee benefits, 46.15; 4863, Cafeteria Plan, employee benefits, 46.15; 4864, Ken’s LLC, dietary, 1009.52; 1791, Ameriprise Financial Advisors, employee benefits, 150.00; 1792, CL Electric, occupancy, 10.11; 1793, Coleridge Blade, adm, 193.08; 1794, Ecolab, dietary, 83.31; 1795, Gill Hauling Inc., occupancy, 65.00; 1796, Hefner Oil & Feed, occupancy, 416.70; 1797, J. F. Ahern Co., occupancy, 190.00; 1798, Ken’s LLC, dietary, activities, hskp & laundry, 1076.46; 1799, Kruse True Value, hskp, 24.17; 1800, Park View Haven Longevity Awards, employee benefits, 100.00; 1801, Nebraska Journal-Leader, adm, 30.60; 1802, NNTC, adm & occupancy, 996.01; 1803, Pioneer Investments, employee benefits, 736.80; 1804, Presto X Company, occupancy, 46.68; 1805, Sysco Lincoln, hskp, dietary, laundry & direct care, 1355.05; 1806, Wayne Herald, adm, 45.00
Motion was made by K. Hefner and seconded by G. Hefner to approve the employees’ Christmas gifts as discussed. By roll call vote: Voting AYE: G. Meier, T. Burbach, G. Hefner, K. Hefner and M. J. Hansen.  Voting NAY: None.  Motion carried five to none.
Motion was made by G. Meier and seconded by K. Hefner to upgrade windows at the facility per sections as discussed.  By roll call vote: Voting AYE: T. Burbach, G. Hefner, K. Hefner, G. Meier and M. J. Hansen.  Voting NAY: None.  Motion carried five to none.
Motion was made by G. Hefner and seconded by M.J. Hansen to update the PRN/Casual Employee policy at the facilities.  By roll call vote: G. Meier, T. Burbach, G. Hefner and M. J. Hansen.  Voting NAY: K. Hefner.  Motion carried four to one.
Motion was made by K. Hefner and seconded by T. Burbach to adjourn.  Hearing no objections Chairperson M. J. Hansen declared meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.
M. J. Hansen, Chairperson
S. Kalin, Adm.
A vacancy exists for the Northeast Community College Board of Governors At-Large position, which consists of Antelope, Boyd, Brown, Burt, Cedar, Cuming, Dakota, Dixon, Garfield, Holt, Keya Paha, Knox, Madison, Pierce, Rock, Stanton, Wayne, Wheeler, Thurston, and the precincts of North Oakland, South Oakland, Ashland, North Branch, Shell Creek, and Midland in Boone County as such precincts existed on July 1, 1975.
A committee of the Northeast Board will receive and evaluate applications, select and conduct interviews, and make a recommendation to the full Board to fill the position for the balance of the term, which expires in December 2016. To be eligible, the candidate must be a registered voter, a resident of one of the above named counties or county precincts for at least six months, and cannot be a member of another board relating to education or another high elective office pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §32-604.
Persons who wish to apply for this position may obtain information from the Northeast Community College website at Completed application forms must be submitted to, and received by Diane Reikofski, board recording secretary, by the end of the day on December 16, 2015. Forms may be submitted online, or applicants may print out the form, complete it and mail it to Reikofski at 801 East Benjamin Avenue, P.O. Box 469, Norfolk, NE 68702.
Persons with questions related to this process are asked to contact a current member of the Board of Governors or the administrative offices at (402) 844-7055.
Gene L. Willers, Chairperson
Board of Governors
Northeast Community College