Published On: Wed, Jan 11th, 2017

Coleridge Blade Public Notices 1.11.17

Cedar County



December 13, 2016

The Cedar County Commissioners met in the Boardroom of the Cedar County Courthouse at 8:30 am and the meeting was called to order as advertised, with Jerry Wiese, David McGregor and Terry Pinkelman answering roll call. Also present County Clerk David Dowling. Chairman McGregor stated the open meetings laws are posted on the wall for public inspection.

Motion was made by Pinkelman and seconded by Wiese to approve the agenda. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote. Motion was made by Pinkelman and seconded by Wiese to approve the minutes from the last meeting. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.

Dave Sudbeck talked with the board on payment for zoning board members that traveled to Norfolk and met with the attorney.

Road Supt., Carla Schmidt presented underground permits for board approval for district two approval. Schmidt then presented information on the Korth box culvert project, which needs signed by district two commissioner accepting the cost figures. Schmidt presented an easement for district one commissioner to approve and sign for the Heimes project to move the road. Carla presented a list of bridges that have been removed from scour critical bridge list and also presented a report on a recent bridge file audit. Carla visited about the upcoming one and six year road plan, which will be held in February.

Chairman McGregor signed an agreement for contract with Maximus Inc. for the next three years to perform service for Cedar County to receive reimbursement for indirect costs.

Motion was made by McGregor and seconded by Pinkelman to approve SDL for Nissen Winery for January 28 from 4 PM to 11 PM. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.

Assessor, Don Hoesing presented tax corrections 2 personal properties numbered 6883 and 6885 and 2 real estate numbered 7610 and 683. Motion by McGregor and seconded by Pinkelman to approve corrections as presented. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.

Motion was made by Pinkelman and seconded by McGregor to approve resolution 16-13 implementing a utility policy to be added to an existing policy approved in March of 1992. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.

With no further business or agenda items the following claims were reviewed and signed for payment and the meeting was declared adjourned.

GENERAL FUND:  Total Salaries 140,277.74;   Aflac 1,142.30; Blue Cross- Blue Shield 43,079.02;  IRS 13,735.25;  Social Security, 21,005.47;  First Concord Benefits Group LLC 1,910.83;   Lincoln National Life Ins. 706.22;  Mass Mutual 2,190.00;   Nationwide Retirement Solutions 50.00;   Nebraska Child Support Payment Center 300.00; Nebraska Dept. of Revenue 4,686.65;  Rosalee Nordhues 5.00;  Rosemary Nordhues 127.00;  Retirement Plans Div. of Ameritas 15,819.29;   Washington Natl. Insurance Co. 57.75;  Avera Medical Group 120.00;  Pat Beck 208.40;  Stan Becker 135.80;  Black Hills Energy 243.53;  Bomgaars 105.25;  Carhart Lumber Co. 12.98;  Cedar County Clerk of Dist. Court 33.00;  Cedar County Court 219.00;  Cedar County Historical Society 13,000.00;  Cedar County Sheriff 403.98;  Cedar County Treasurer 520,000.00;  Cedar-Knox Public Power District 502.95;  Charles W. Campbell PC, LLO 659.20;  City of Hartington 239.70;  Colonial Research Chemical Corp.  142.20;  Consolitated Management Co. 181.68;  Continental Alarm and Detection 334.77;  Crofton Journal 34.00;  D & J Variety 39.99;  DAS State Accounting-Central Finance 106.00;  DAS State Accounting-Central Finance 448.00;  Gary Dickes 253.68;  David Dowling 119.94;  Krista Dybdal 200.60;  Eakes Office Solutions 1,688.32;  Election Systems & Software Inc. 11.15;  Farmers Union Gas & Oil 122.60;  Floor Maintenance and Supply 318.46;  Cindy A. Foley 4,513.75;  Food Town 1,362.56;  Tom Fredricksen 97.52;  Great American Leasing Corp 77.00;  Grossenburg Implement 1,363.84;  Mike Hans 295.96;  Hartelco 2,442.27;  Hartelco 1,169.68;  Nebraska Health & Human Services 186.00;  George L. Hirschbach 120.00;  Hometown Leasing 567.33;  Jeffrey L. Hrouda 443.45;  Jack’s Uniforms & Equipment 96.00;  Jim Jansen 436.61;  Kathleen M Jorgensen 878.49;  Kardell’s Auto 687.05;  Ken’s Market 521.06;  David D. Knoff 3,500.00;  Koch-Tramp Plumbing & Heating 1,650.16;  Paul Koch 234.32;  Kruse True Value 315.66;  Leise Concrete 720.00;  Ron Lundahl 140.00;  Madison County District Court 100.00;  Martin’s Flag Company 784.43;  Matthew Bender & Co. 128.53;  David McGregor 108.00;  Midwest Card & ID Solutions 1,519.50;  Midwest Radar & Equipment 280.00;  Eugene Milander 292.56;   MIPS Inc. 2,822.91;  NACO 2,321.29;  Darren Naslund 1,100.00;  National Sheriff’s Assoc. 58.00;  Nebraska Public Power Dist. 2,087.40;  Nebr. County Court Assoc. 25.00;  Rick Noecker 71.60;  Joseph C. Nordhues 156.00;  Northeast Nebr. News Co. 167.62;  Office Systems Co. 412.29;  Sally Opfer 172.08;  Peitz GMC Service Inc. 371.21;  Pepsi Cola of Norfolk 28.25;  Pierce County Court 2.50;  Frederick Pinkelman 86.72;  Pomp’s Tire Serice Inc. 1,677.06;  Presto X 126.38;  Ramada Inn 140.00;  Kari Richards 51.30;  Roger Schwartz 12.00;  Secretary of State Rules & Regulations 20.00;  Ron Stapelman 260.16;  Steffen Drug 223.19;  Jackie Steffen 39.84;  John Steffen 117.28;  Trent Becker Graphics 416.00;  US Cellular 315.86;  Verizon Wireless 80.02;  Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. 1,700.72;  Voyager Fleet Systems 52.70;  Western Office 85.51;  Mick Wiepen 211.40;  Wintz Funeral Home Inc. 1,300.00.

ROAD FUND:  Total Salaries 84,558.68; Aflac 678.99;   IRS 8,066.49;   Social Security 12,814.82;  BCBS

31,129.12;   First Concord Benefits Group LLC 166.60;  Mass Mutual 20.00;  Nationwide Retirement Solutions 50.00;  Nebraska Dept. of Revenue 2,782.95;  Retirement Plans Div. of Ameritas 9,400.36;  Washington Natl Insurance Co 49.40;   A & R Construction 4,421.19;  Appeara 249.52;  Auto Hospital 40.00;  Avera Medical Group 150.00;  B’s Enterprises Inc. 32,929.20;  Backus Sand & Gravel 11,866.96;  Black Hills Energy 846.64;  Bomgaars 106.81;  Cedar County Auto Parts Inc. 102.94;  Cedar-Knox Public Power Distr. 429.50;  Cedar-Knox Rural Water Project 37.98;  Century Link 114.84;  City of Hartington 17.01;  City of Laurel 87.87;  Coleridge Welding Inc. 204.57;  Colonial Research Chemical Corp. 108.97;  Dendinger Trucking Inc. 6,133.40;  Farmers Pride 2,052.18;  Farmers Union Gas & Oil 3,961.06;  Filter Care of Nebr. 211.90; Folkers Bros. Garage 1,417.12;  Gill Hauling Inc. 15.50;  Great Plains Communications Inc. 160.46;  Grossenburg Implement 4,403.33;  Hansen Brothers parts & Service 533.51;  Hansen Repair Inc. 120.45;  Hartelco 226.40;  Hefner Oil & Feed Co. 6,717.63;  Heimes Trucking LLC 2,619.00;  Infra Structure LLC 12,744.00;  Jerry’s Service Inc. 5,460.31;  Kimball Midwest 125.11;  Kruse True Value 216.90;  Jerome Kuehn 11.00;  Laurel Feed & Grain Co. 26.59;  Laurel True Value 99.74;  Laurel Welding 730.38;  Leiting Auto Supply 401.98;  LG Everist Inc. 35,297.62;  Mark’s Machinery 1,075.85;  Menfords Hardware & Farm Store 684.57;  Mike’s Electric 202.94;  Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. 226.80;  NE Safety Center @ UNK 235.00;  Nebraska Public Power Dist. 107.56;  Nebr. Dept. of Roads 1,500.00;  NMC Exchange LLC 2,184.17;  NMC Exchange LLC 18,163.82;  NMC Exchange LLC 657.91;  Northeast Glass 1,800.00;  Northeast Nebr. Telephone 46.40;  Patent Elec. 264.00;  Paul’s Welding 8.10;  Peitz GMC Serv. Inc. 6.00;  Pierce County 608.00;  Pomp’s Tire Service Inc. 35.00;  Randolph Farm Supply 1,139.98;  Rath’s Mini Mart 199.85;  S & S Willers Inc. 8,090.16;  Sam’s Hardware Hank 106.98;  Spencer Quarries Inc. 5,279.40;  Stop N Go 49.80;  Jennifer Suing 109.00;  Jim Suing 74.33;  Sweetman Construction 5,774.99;  Robert Tanderup 106.99;  Top Crop Inc. 270.00;  Tri-State Windshield Rep. 60.00;  US Cellular 226.52;  Village of Wynot 85.30;  Wattier True Value 36.20;  Wiebelhaus Service 55.50;  Wynot Oil Co. 5,479.73.

CEDAR COUNTY TRANSIT FUND:  Total Salaries 6,713.00; Nebr. Dept. of Revenue 98.74;  Retirement Plans Div of Ameritas 755.21;  IRS 261.19;  Social Security 1,027.10;  City of Hartington 400.00;  D & J Variety 68.25;  Farmers Union Gas & Oil 565.88;  Stop N Go 196.98;  US Cellular 76.71;  Claudet Wege 115.56; J & R Auto Sales 8,144.00.

DIVERSION PROGRAM FUND:  Cellcom-Hartington 1,033.82;  Matthew Bender & Co. Inc. 622.91.

HOMELAND SECURITY FUND:  Bucks Big Storage LLC 400.00

E 911 WIRELESS FUND:  Century Link 299.12; Hartelco 538.23.

ENHANCED 911 FUND:  Apco, AFC Inc. 1,110.00;  Century Link 134.39;  CPI Communications Inc. 534.25;  Eastern Nebraska Telephone 167.08;  Electronic Engineering 4,759.04;  Kevin Garvin 323.10;  Great Plains Communication Inc. 103.72;  Hartelco 466.10;  Kruse True Value 12.48;  Mid America Drilling Corp. 17,500.00;  Northeast Nebr. Telephone co. 377.81; Sabre Industries 17,328.00;  Talley 3,451.83;  Tessco Inc. 564.78.


Board Chairman, David McGregor


County Clerk, David Dowling 01.11.17c





NOTICE is hereby given to all patrons of Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School District #54 that the Board of Education will meet on Monday, January 16, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. at Educational Service Unit 1, Conference Room B, Wakefield, Nebraska.  The meeting will include board members from the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School and a representative from the Nebraska School Board Association.  Purpose of the meeting is for discussion only.  No board action will be taken and there will be no opportunity for public comment.

Randall Klooz






The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of Park View Haven Nursing Home / The Embers will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at The Embers.