Published On: Fri, Jul 24th, 2015

Coleridge Blade Public Notices 07-08-2015




June 9, 2015

The Cedar County Commissioners met in the Boardroom of the Cedar County Courthouse at 8:30 am and the meeting was called to order as advertised, with Jerry Wiese, David McGregor and Terry Pinkelman answering roll call. Also present County Clerk David Dowling. Chairman Pinkelman stated the open meetings laws are posted on the wall for public inspection.

Motion was made by McGregor and seconded by Wiese to approve the agenda. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote. Motion was made by McGregor and seconded by Wiese to approve the minutes from the last meeting. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.

Dave Sudbeck, weed and zoning administrator reported he is working with residents on weed control now and stated he has sprayed some areas in the county. Sudbeck stated he has been working on some leafy spurge spots that have to be monitored.

Road Supt., Carla Schmidt presented an underground easement for district one approval, which was signed by Commissioner Pinkelman. Contracts with A & what is super active cialis R construction for two projects were also signed by chairman Pinkelman. Commissioner Wiese signed easements for the FEMA projects that are being done in the county at this time for district two. Carla then stated safety meeting was held yesterday and that a bomb training is scheduled for June 26 with the State Patrol for a session in the morning and afternoon.

Motion was made by McGregor and seconded by Pinkelman to approve Special Designated Liquor License for Wiebelhaus Service for July 31 for an outside event. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote. Motion was made by Pinkelman and seconded by McGregor to approve Special Designated Liquor License for an event to be held July 26 by St. Boniface Church of Menominee. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.

Tim Kuchta met with the board to discuss an issue with Logan creek along property he manages for the land owners. Kuchta stated someone has put dirt and concrete on the north edge of the creek, which has destroyed the pumping for the irrigation of the property. County attorney, George Hirschbach stated an engineer needs to be contacted to determine who is at fault and how the situation can be corrected. The board directed the road supt. to contact the engineer to look at the problem.

Larry Dybdal representing the Cedar County Ag Society and fair board asked the board to approve an SDL for the fair. Larry stated the fair wants approval for a liquor license for the days of July 16 through the 19th. Motion was made by McGregor and seconded by Pinkelman to approve the license request from the Cedar County Ag Society for the fair. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.

Tony Walz asked the board what has been decided on a couple road issues and water drainage issues near his property. Discussion was held on changing a culvert on 869 and 560 intersection running the water at an angle instead of straight across. Tony also asked about the road dam on 870 and 561 and if anything has been decided on what to do with that dam. Commissioner Wiese stated he would measure and get a culvert ordered and once the dam dries up again will look at the area to make a change if possible.

Janet Wiechelman talked with the board on mental health charges through Madison County. Wiechelman stated the rates will increase from $25.00 to $100.00 per case and wanted to let the board know about the increase for budgeting purposes.

Kevin Garvin stopped to visit with the board and ask if the board has any questions regarding emergency management. Kevin also told the board that he has again applied for federal funds to be applied to the emergency management system for Cedar County.

Motion was made by Wiese and seconded Pinkelman to renew another one year lease for a CAT skid loader for district two. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.

With no further business or agenda items the following claims were reviewed and signed and approved for payment. The meeting was then declared adjourned by chairman Pinkelman.

GENERAL FUND: Total Salaries 125,872.14; Aflac 1,102.92; Blue Cross-Blue Shield 42,554.36; IRS 11,085.27; Social Security, 18,857.24; First Concord Benefits Group LLC 1,582.50; Lincoln National buy generic viagra Life Ins. Co 634.24; Mass Mutual 1,770.00; Nationwide Retirement Solutions 50.00; Nebraska Child Support Payment Center 300.00; Nebraska Dept. of Revenue 3,831.84; Retirement Plans Div. of Ameritas 14,074.93; Washington Natl. Insurance Co. 57.75; NE Nebraska Public Power District 210.00; Advanced Correctional Healthcare 59.03; Mark D. Albin 161.75; Art Kathol Appliance 3,200.00; Arts Garbage Service 144.72; Bank of Hartington 35.00; Brad Stolpe Construction 1,923.00; Butler County Landfill Inc. 15,424.20; Carhart Lumber Co. 583.43; Cedar County Clerk of Dist. Court 90.77; Cedar County Court 147.00; Cedar County Treasurer 1,000,000.00; Cen Tec Cast Metal Products 351.06; City Transfer/Recycling Center 27.50; Consolitated Management Co. 32.75; Cummins Central Power, LLC 2,611.76; D & J Variety 97.37; Digital Ally 395.00; David Dowling 574.75; Eakes Office Solutions 2,096.62; Echo Group Inc. 379.19; Feilmeier Electric 219.50; Feld Fire 365.29; Deb Flaugh 34.50; Floor Maintenance and Supply 283.95; Food Town 344.02; Kevin Garvin 91.79; Joshua Graham 82.80; Great American Leasing Corp 77.00; Hartelco 2,296.82; Hartelco 86.98; Hartington Shopper 3,358.49; Nebraska Health & Human Services 180.00; George L. Hirschbach 643.45; Hometown Leasing 567.33; Don Hoesing 172.52; Iowa Office Supply Inc. 74.00; Jim Jansen 126.13; Kathleen M. Jorgensen 2,084.57; Jueden Lawn Service 700.00; Justice Data Solutions Inc. 2,100.00; Kardell’s Auto 501.60; Ken’s Market 229.34;

David D. Knoff 3,500.00; Kruse True Value 149.27; Kathy Lammers 144.28; Martin’s Flag Company 1,737.10; Midwest Card & ID Solutions 981.00; MIPS Inc. 10,279.91; NACO 2,125.01; Nebr. Assoc. of County Assessors 50.00; Nebr Law Enforcement Train Center 100.00; Nebraska Public Power Dist. 1,454.57; NIRMA 66,267.00; Northeast Nebraska News Company 1,424.65; Northeast Research & Exten Center 2,011.78; Peitz GMC Service Inc. 63.45; Pepsi Cola of Norfolk 41.75; Jerry Pollard 188.75; Pomp’s Tire Service Inc. 895.78; Presto X 119.13; Sarah Reifenrath 17.25; Reliable Office Supplies 477.20; Schroeder Land Surveying 2,685.00; Roger Schwartz 12.00; Source Gas 92.15; Cherine Specht 115.80; Scott Stanton 644.00; State of Nebr- As Central Services 448.00; State of Nebr-As Central Services 15.00; Steffen Drug 128.63; Jackie Steffen 474.62; Thomson West 214.00; Tri-State Turf & Irrigation 41.60; US Cellular 288.71; Verizon Wireless 40.01; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. 1,980.42; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. 302.82; Western Office 440.84; Janet Wiechelman 312.77; Wynot Oil Company 12.00; Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan 278.28; Brad Stolpe Construction 2,362.00; Cedar-Knox Public Power District 216.12; DOI/BLM 160.35; Eakes Office Solutions 772.52; Feld Fire 49.90; Floor Maintenance and Supply 239.79; Nebraska Health & Human Services 186.00; Holiday Inn 569.70; Kaiser Heating and Cooling 1,512.00; Morland,Easland & Lohrberg 1,439.78; Nebraska Public Power Dist. 1,987.45; Pathology Medical Serv. Of Siouxland 1,911.35; Quality Inn pharmacy in canada & Suites 147.90; Quill Corp 665.99; Region 4 Behavioral Health System 5,572.25; Source Gas 70.55; State of Nebr-As Central Services 15.00; Surplus Property 87.00; US Bank 891.00; Jean Wiebelhaus 216.20.

ROAD FUND: Total Salaries 59,941.46; Aflac 556.27; IRS 4,442.93; Social Security 9,077.30; BCBS 30,497.88; First Concord Benefits Group LLC 100.00; Mass Mutual 20.00; Nationwide Retirement Solutions 50.00; Nebraska Dept. of Revenue 1,615.39; Retirement Plans Div. of Ameritas 6,687.14; Washington Natl Insurance Co 49.40; A&R Construction 65,096.91; Appeara 129.64; B’s Enterprises Inc. 9,169.75; Backus Sand & Gravel 4,035.48; Berner’s Service 242.29; Bolt Bin 336.84; Bomgaars 1,241.29; Butch’s Propane 299.70; Cedar County Auto Parts Inc. 353.08; Cedar-Knox Public Power District 117.94; Central Valley Ag 139.83; Century Link 102.78; City of Laurel 78.71; City Transfer/Recycling Center 96.00; Clark’s Rental/Custom Corner Inc. 348.50; Coleridge Welding Inc. 1,498.68; Crop Production Services 390.73; D & J Variety 136.00; Farmers Union Gas & Oil 11,289.84; Filter Care of Nebr. 412.30; Folkers Bros Garage 11,066.93; Fordyce Farms Nonstock Coop 7,662.20; Gill Hauling Inc. 15.50; Great Plains Communications Inc. 163.60; Grossenburg Implement 3,249.77; Hansen Repair Inc. 63.63; Hartelco 224.62; Hefner Oil & Feed Co. 2,015.79; Husker Steel 19,746.50; Jerry’s Service Inc. 4,049.95; Kayton International Inc. (Crofton) 70.00; Kellen & Streit, Inc. 16,278.00; Kessler Repair 81.35; Kimball Midwest 79.85; Alan Koch 57.50; Arnold Konken 14.00; Jerome Kuehn 11.00; Leiting Auto Supply 426.34; LG Everist Inc. 18,527.52; Mark’s Machinery 51.75; David McGregor 32.00; Medical Enterprises Inc. 98.00; Menfords Hardware & Farm Store 193.03; Nebraska Public Power Dist. 128.52; Nebraska Machinery Co. 5,750.00; NIRMA 90,738.00; NMC Exchange LLC 62,609.60; NMC Exchange LLC 498.03; NMC Exchange LLC 712.50; Northeast Nebr. Telephone Co. 55.81; Plumbing & Electric Service Inc. 1,562.50; Pomp’s Tire Service Inc. 82.50; Randolph Farm Supply 97.62; Rath’s Mini Mart 295.00; Riverside Hydraulics Inc. 83.17; Riverview Sand and Gravel 7,869.10; Ron’s Auto Glass 125.00; S & S Willers Inc. 7,470.00; Santee Sioux Nation-Shop EZ 30.00; Source Gas 224.68; St. Helena Store 72.46; Stop N Go 206.99; Sweetman Construction 13,855.53; The Parts House Inc. 169.18; Topkote Inc. 62,830.65; Urwiler Oil & Fertilizer 2,293.04; US Cellular 193.02; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. 952.39; Wattier True Value 14.40; Wiechelman Repair, Inc. 46.40; Wynot Oil Company 18,960.48; Art Kathol Appliance 838.98; Avera Medical Group 104.00; B’s Enterprises Inc. 4,107.98; Bolt Bin 56.06; Bomgaars 155.76; Allen Bonertz 6,000.00; Cedar-Knox Public Power District 159.48; Cedar-Knox Rural Water Project 6,500.00; Century Link 100.15; Crop Production Services 88.01; Dinkels 1,173.38; Great Plains Communications Inc. 184.60; Husker Steel 19,961.00; Jody Koch Trucking 5,581.00; Laurel True Value 27.98; LG Everist Inc. 101,919.85; Mark’s Machinery 9,000.00; Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. 237,882.00; Nebraska Public Power Dist 125.90; NMC Exchange LLC 11,382.76; Riverview Sand and Gravel 1,512.50; Carla Schmidt 80.00; Source Gas 112.30; St. Helena Store 51.90; Sweetman Construction 6,150.81; Theisen Construction Inc. 100,800.37; Tri-State Communications Inc. 839.50; US Bank 945.63; Village of Wynot 75.40.

CEDAR COUNTY TRANSIT FUND: Avera Medical Group 25.00; Carol Bruning 660.00; Farmers Union Gas & Oil 473.38; Karen Lammers 978.82; Mary Rose Pinkelman 1,759.00; Stop N Go 83.26; US Cellular 46.40; Claudet Wege 240.00; NATP 80.00.

HOMELAND SECURITY FUND: JEO Consulting Group Inc. 4,970.70; Lincoln Airport Authority 284.00; Motorola 7,208.90; Lincoln Airport Authority 284.00.

E 911 WIRELESS FUND: Century Link 524.66; GIS Workshop 3294.00; Hartelco 621.71; Century Link 258.99; GIS Workshop 4,575.00.

ENHANCED 911 FUND: AT & T 6.96; Century Link 335.44; Eastern Nebraska Telephone 167.08; Electronic Engineering 3,895.00; Garvin’s CB Shop 135.00; GIS Workshop 2,106.00; Great Plains Communications Inc. 139.72; Hartelco 596.59; Kardell’s Auto 629.75; Motorola 208.80; Tri-State Comunications buy generic cialis Inc. 8,154.50; Century Link 165.58; GIS Workshop 2,925.00; Northeast Nebr. Telephone Co. 503.31; Sioux City Winsupply 1,200.00.


Board Chairman,

Terry Pinkelman


County Clerk, David Dowling





The Cedar County Board of Commissioners will meet at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, July 14, 2015, in the Commissioners’ Room in the Cedar County Courthouse.

Agenda is available in the County Clerk’s office.




Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Chairman and Trustees of the Village of Coleridge, Nebraska will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 13, 2015, at the Coleridge Community Building, which meeting will be open to the public. An agenda for such meeting, kept continually current, is available for public inspection at the office of the Village Clerk, at the Coleridge Community Building, but the agenda may be modified at such meeting.

Sharon Anderson
cialis generic online
Village Clerk





The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of Park View Haven Nursing Home / The Embers will be held on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at The Embers.







The Board of Education of the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School will meet in regular session on Monday, July 13, 2015, at the LCC School Board of Education Room, Coleridge, NE at 7:30 p.m. An agenda for the meeting, which shall be kept continually current, is readily available for public inspection at the Superintendent’s office during normal business hours.

Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School

Randall Klooz









June 30, 2015

A Strategic Planning Workshop of the Board of Education of the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School was convened in public session on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 6:03 p.m. The meeting was held in the Board Meeting Room at Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School, Laurel, Nebraska. The following were present:

Board Members:

Rich Brandow, Robert Colwell, Jay Hall, Betty Jo Leapley, Marlin Papenhausen, Steve Schutte.


Superintendent Randy Klooz, Elementary Principal Heath Johnson, Middle School Principal TJ Shiers, and High School Principal Jay Vance.


Marcia Herring, Director of Board Development from the Nebraska Association of School Boards (NASB).

Board Members Absent: Brian Holcomb, Ryan Van Cleave, and John Wolfgram.

Members of the public were present and welcomed.

The meeting notice was published in the June 24, 2015 issue of the Coleridge Blade and the Laurel Advocate, posted on the school web site, and posted at LCC Middle School-Coleridge and the Community Learning Center-Laurel. Said notice stated the purpose of the meeting was for discussion only. No board action would be taken and there would be no opportunity for public comment. Board members were emailed notice on Monday, June 28, 2015. All proceedings of the workshop were conducted while convened in public session.

I. Call Meeting to Order

The workshop was duly called to order by President Brandow at 6:03 p.m. A current copy of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act was posted in the room. Everyone joined in the pledge of allegiance.

II. Approval of Agenda

This was a workshop with no items on the agenda to be approved or changed.

III. Excuse Absent Board Members

Motion by Schutte, second by Leapley to excuse absent board members Colwell, Holcomb, Van Cleave, and Wolfgram. Carried 5-0 on roll call vote.

Colwell arrived at 6:06 p.m.

IV. Action Items

There were no Action Items.

V. Discussion Items

1. Opening

New principals Heath Johnson and TJ Shiers were introduced. Board members introduced themselves.

2. The principals presented data from student assessments including MAP, NeSA, and ACT tests. The Board was asked to analyze the data, ask questions, and develop hypotheses from the data they viewed.

3. The meeting was turned over to facilitator Marcia Herring to discuss Board Professional Development. The Board Self Assessment results were reviewed. She will prepare a summary of the information discussed.

4. Superintendent Klooz and the Board discussed the LCC Vision and planning. Board members had been asked to watch a video “5 Dysfunctions of a Team” in the weeks prior to the workshop. Board feedback on the video was discussed.

Marcia Herring was thanked for attending and facilitating the workshop.

No official action was taken on any discussion item.

The workshop was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Cedar County School District #54

Submitted by:

Betty Jo Leapley, Secretary