Published On: Thu, Feb 28th, 2013

Pierce County Commissioners approve conditional use permit

PIERCE — The Pierce County Board of Commissioners met Feb. 19, and held a public hearing for a Conditional Use Permit to continue operation for K. Porter Construction.

Several months ago, the board received complaints from two patrons living on the Kaneb Road north of Norfolk about Porter Construction, saying the trucks are too fast, creating dust, and they had numerous flat tires because of debris on the road. There was, however, no one in attendance at the hearing.

County Zoning Administrator John Johnson told the board the request for a new Conditional Use Permit would result in several conditions placed on it.

Johnson said the permit would be for 10 years and have conditions that state, among others, that Porter would have to water the road at least one time a day when he is using his trucks on the road, that he would need to keep records for the watering, that he would have to clean up and run a magnet over the road and keep it clear of debris.

Johnson said he has not received complaints until this past year.

Porter told the board when he is aware of a problem, he tries very hard to correct it. Porter indicated maybe the complaints come because those people are trying to get the board to pave the road.

Porter also told the board his landfill was in greater use because of the hail storm that went through last year. He said, under normal conditions, the traffic to his landfill is not that great.

Because the zoning commission voted unanimously to approve the permit, the county board closed the hearing and adopted a motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit for 10 years.

The board and Johnson stated that there is a need for the landfill because, according to Johnson, the nearest other landfill is at Newman Grove.

Ryan Zimmerman was present to request 847 Road, located on the south side of 25-25-3 in Blaine Township, be built up and gravel put on it. Zimmerman said he has been blading it and removing snow with an average cost of $1,000 or more per year. He said in 2010 he hired Hoffman Construction to take trees out at a cost of $2,094 because then Commissioner Tom Meyer told him he would build the road up if the trees were gone.

Zimmerman asked present Commissioner Terry Wragge to now build the road up. Zimmerman said he has gotten married, plans to build a new house and his wife will need to use the road to go to work. Zimmerman also said he has to get his mail three miles away from his home because post office officials told him roads must be built to certain specs before they could bring mail to his lane.

Wragge said he would have his road employees check to see if they could build the road up. He said the problem they will face is the ground is basically sand and it will be hard to get anything to hold. He said they would try, pending application for a building permit for a house.

In other business, the board:

— in Board of Equalization session, heard that County Assessor Peggy Wragge valued farm land at 71 percent of 100 percent of valuation.

— approved two underground crossings for Doug and Wayne Koehler for electrical on Part S½ of 20-27-2.

— approved Zimmerman, Inc. building lot split in Part NW¼NW¼ 23-25-3.

— discussed selling of county road equipment and authorized the County Clerk to advertise to sell by sealed bids a 1988 Case IH 7140 tractor with bids to be opened Monday, March 18, at 9:30 a.m.

— approved an underground crossing for NeNEPPD on the west side of 32-26-1.

— approved and authorized the board chairman to sign the Interlocal Co-op Agreement between the Pierce County Assessor and the Lower Elkhorn NRD to share data.

— discussed the generator and replacing a heat pump; also heard Commissioner Wragge report that the generator is ready to be hooked up to propane if the need arises.

— heard County Clerk Wragge report that the company who installed the cameras in the sheriff’s department will prepare a bid for cameras inside the courthouse for entrance into the sheriff’s office through the south entrance.