Published On: Thu, May 1st, 2014

Pierce County Commissioners approve armor coating bid for Road Guy of Yankton

PIERCE — The Pierce County Board of Commissioners met Monday, April 14, held two hearings for Conditional Use Permits and awarded the bid for armor coating.

The board awarded the contract for 17 miles of armor coating to the Road Guy of Yankton, who had the low bid of $198,125.56.

The Road Guy told the board that, even though he neglected to include striping in the bid, he would honor his bid, including the striping. He said he talked to his paint man and was sure he could make it work. He will start in June or sooner.

The board held a hearing for a Conditional Use Permit for Lonnie Tucker to apply solid waste from the City of Norfolk on property described as the SW¼ 3-26-2. County Zoning Administrator John Johnson told the board the application for the permit was a renewal of a previously-approved five-year permit. He said the conditions will remain the same on the renewal with the City of Norfolk being responsible for any mishaps.

The board approved the renewal for a five-year Conditional Use Permit on the SW¼ 3-26-2 (Resolution 2014-3).

The next public hearing was for a Conditional Use Permit for new Cingular Wireless PSC LLC, dba AT&T Mobility, to construct a communication tower and equipment on property described as Part of the NE¼ 14-26-1 (northeast of Pierce). Steve Ward of Ward Development explained that the tower was basically for AT&T, and they would assume all liability.

The board approved the tower (Resolution 2014-4), saying that the tower would improve all cell phone use as other companies would lease space for equipment on the tower also.

In the Board of Equalization session, the board approved a demand for refund from Tax List Corrections 2523-2525.

County Assessor Peggy Wragge informed the board that her office had received the new computers and towers. She also told the board that they are about to review all of the residences in Osmond. She said the state wants reviews to be made every six years, and Osmond was last done in 2008. She explained that acreages across the county are so out of line that those must be done first. She explained that the ratio for acreages is at 73.4 percent, but must be at 92.12 percent to satisfy the state.

Wragge said most acreages are from farm houses that have been split off from the farm ground. Wragge told the board that sales are what determine valuations and sales of acreages have been very high.

Wragge said there are 324 parcels in Osmond and 601 acreages. Wragge estimated the cost to revalue at $20,720. She said she had contracted White Appraisals to do the revaluing.

In other business, the board:

— approved an Underground Crossing for Aschoff Brothers Entities for a four-inch electrical line in Part of SW¼ 3-26-4.

— approved an Underground Crossing for Northeast Nebraska Public Power District for a three-inch electrical line in part of sections 28-28-1 and 29-28-1.