Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2013

Valuation increase allows County to seek lower levy

HARTINGTON — Increased ag land valuation should allow Cedar County to drop its levy for next year.

The County’s budget proposal, which can be found inside this week’s Cedar County News, asks for a levy of .227669.

Cedar County’s assessed valuation is up by over $350 million this year, said Cedar County Assessor Don Hoesing. The increase is mainly attributal to an increase in the price of ag land, he said.

This year’s County levy proposal is 3.4 cents less than last year’s .261531 levy.

This means someone that owns a $100,000 home will be paying $34 less a year in county taxes.

The state has a lid of .45 for the county levy — a number the county only came close to reaching once in the past 25 years. In 1997, the County levy was .42.

Cedar County Clerk Dave Dowling said the Board, “works hard to keep the expenses as low as they can.”

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