Published On: Wed, Feb 20th, 2013

Valentine’s Day

Mrs. Wilke’s fifth graders organized their own Valentine’s Day Party, from games to food, led by Kayla Nordhues. Dylan Kalkowski and Harley Kyles, Abreanna Greiner and Levi Frederick, Carter Schnoor and Bobbi Winkelbauer take part in the Valentine’s Day fun. The Kindergarteners’ Valentine’s Day party games were led by Cody Backer, Dylon Schutt, Zac Capetillo, Kora Winkelbauer, Kat Greiner and Joan Albers stood at the board as directions were given. While, the second graders were set to a fun team-work task. Along with high school helper McRae Stubbs. Darren Folkers, Grace Nordhues and Jacob Lanon worked together to maneuver grocery items with strings adding and releasing tension to stack their items the quickest.