Published On: Thu, May 9th, 2013

Tunink Estate helps fund City Park improvements

RANDOLPH — Randolph City Council members are making improvements at the City Park and are looking at options for economic development for the city.

A new lining has been installed at the Randolph swimming pool.

Mayor Dwayne Schutt showed board members a sample of the material that was used for the lining.

“It looks like they did a very good job,” Schutt said.

The engineers checked the pool when the work was completed according to Schutt.

Council members approved the claim in the amount of $39,650 for the swimming pool project.

Visitors to the City Park will soon have the use of a covered picnic area at the north end of the concession stand at the baseball field according to Jones.

The project is being funded by money that was given to the Randolph Area Foundation by the Phyllis Tunink estate.

Board members discussed options for providing additional shade at the park.

“If more shade is needed then we should put some trees in,” Councilman Chad Winkelbauer said.

Scott Wattier agreed.

“That would be good,” Wattier said.

Some of the trees that are in the RV Park could be moved to the location according to City Administrator Cinda Jones.


Council members discussed the advantages of having an Economic Development Coordinator.

Towns that are showing strides in economic development have one thing in common according board member Tim Lemmons.

“There is one consistency in the towns that have been successful – they have an Economic Development Coordinator,” Lemmons said. “We are about thirty years behind what some of the other towns have been doing.”

Once the city has a Comprehensive Plan and zoning in place grant funds may be available to help pay for a Coordinator.

“We are not in the position right now to get grant funds. When zoning and TIF (Tax Increment Financing) are in place it is easier to get grants,” Lemmons said.

Board members discussed options that could be looked at.

“It will take someone that is seasoned in working with economic development. The person will have to know the steps that need to be taken and be dedicated to economic development,” Lemmons said.

Board member Brad Bargstadt asked about the possibility of sharing a coordinator with another town.

Committee members that have taken on the task of writing a Comprehensive Plan for the City of Randolph will be meeting on May 23.

The Comprehensive Plan needs to be completed before zoning regs can be put in place.


Water and sewer rates will be going up.

Council members placed their approval on an ordinance that will raise the water and sewer rates $3.00 for residential property.

“It will bring in close to $2,000 in revenue each month,” Jones said.

Water rates will increase from $15 to $18.

Sewer rate will go from $16 up to $19.

The rates will go into effect this month.

“These amounts are still lower than the rates in other towns,” council member Tim Lemmons said.


Action was taken to approve special designated licenses for three events at the City Auditorium.

June 1st: alumni banquet, Hilltop

June 12: ROAR

June 22: reception/dance, Tiger Tavern.


Kerry Winkelbauer and Roger Winkelbauer met with council members concerning a building permit for a 50’ by 81’ metal pole building.

The building will be used for riding horses according to Kerry.

Board members approved the building permit that had been submitted by Kerry.


Police Chief Gary Umburger submitted a monthly report for the City Council.

Umburger invited board members to accompany him on patrol when ever they wanted.

“Feel free to ride with me anytime,” Umburger said.