Published On: Thu, Jan 23rd, 2014

School is looking at options for preschool

RANDOLPH — The Randolph School Board is still looking  into the feasibility of a public preschool.

At Monday’s Board meeting, Monday, Supt. Jeff Hoesing reviewed survey results with Board members, highlighting the needs and concerns of parents with preschool-age children in Randolph’s school district.

To be eligible for preschool, the child must be four years old by July 31. There were 26 survey responders, an excellent return, Supt.  Hoesing said.

Areas of parental concern ranged from length of a preschool school day to number of days per week that preschool would be held.

The Board discussed ways to address the needs of students who are age-eligible for kindergarten — five years old by July 31 — but whose parents would rather wait another year before starting. A pre-kindergarten class incorporated with the preschool class could be a solution, and the Board intends to research this further.

A three-year-old preschool class will not be offered.

The Board will continue to weigh the options and cost while a Department of Education preschool grant is sought.

A meeting with parents will also be a priority before decisions are made, and nothing is set in stone yet, Hoesing said. The Board members expressed their desire to keep moving forward while trying to find the best solution for the district’s students.

Another survey was reported Monday. Amanda Reimers, the guidance counselor, distributed results from a survey administered to students in grades 7-12. The teachers have reviewed the information and compiled a list of negative and positive feedback reflected in the survey.

Several of the positive responses include: safe/clean school, teachers and administration that care, fairness in grading and knowledgeable teachers. Included in the negative responses was students not knowing the school’s mission statement and school improvement goal.

Barb Rohde, Board member, asked Reimers what the school improvement goal is. She answered, “improving reading comprehension.”

The school’s mission statement, as provided in a handout by Hoesing, reads as such, “The mission of Randolph Public Schools is to be the cornerstone in providing all students the best education possible as they become lifelong learners in a changing world.”

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