Published On: Sun, Mar 12th, 2017

School Board wants to see someone develop a daycare at Randolph school

RANDOLPH — Randolph school board members voted Monday to take steps to encourage the formation of a daycare within the school’s walls with a plan they termed “Plan B.”

Randolph Elementary School Principal Mary Miller and Supt. Jeff Hoesing will meet with anyone interested in operating the daycare April 18, at 7 p.m.

Board members agreed to “take all necessary action to approve letting of a Request for Proposal for a private contractor to run a daycare within the elementary building.’’

Hoesing was also approved and instructed by all present board members to gather proposals from contractors to renovate a space suitable for a daycare or a learning center at the elementary building.

“We have appreciated the input during the past two or three meetings on the subject of a daycare,’’ School Board President Paul Schmit said. “The public did a good job of providing ideas.’’

Three local citizens attended the meeting. Dan and Joni Backer and Lucas Miller.

“Lucas, I have appreciated your interest and contributing ideas at the meetings the school board has hosted for daycare discussion,’’ Supt. Jeff Hoesing said. “I think Mike Korth also said something important at the last meeting, that we don’t push along too fast on this daycare project. I thank Paul Schmit, as board president, he has been active attending meetings for a number of issues in addition to the daycare project and a meeting March 21 in Creighton.’’

Hoesing said a number of the board members met to put together a proposal “to make it enticing for someone to come in and form a daycare.’’

Within “Plan B,’’ Hoesing said, the school asks for “a $100 lease which could be adjusted if needed. If the school doesn’t charge, insurance won’t provide coverage.

The individual operating the daycare will still have to provide their own insurance. Everyone does have an equal opportunity to apply for operating the daycare, he said.

“We will also share custodial duties with the individuals that operate the daycare,” he said.

School officials encourage anyone interested in operating the daycare to work with the Nebraska departments of education and health and human services. Individuals will also need to put together a business plan.

“Rule 11 will only apply for a school-operated daycare. A private individual would have to hire another certified teacher if they comply with Rule 11, which claims to be aimed at ages 0-5, but is really for preschool children,’’ Mary Miller said.

“They could mimic Rule 11, but it wouldn’t be a good idea for them to follow with a business plan,’’ Hoesing said. “We could extend deadlines, but we will have to do that for everyone then. Individuals will have to be working on this because they will have to procure funding for payroll and other expenses. The last thing that we want to do is scare anyone away from this opportunity.’’

A 60-day notice will be given both ways if either party wants to end the arrangement, according to Hoesing. The custodial agreement will allow the school to enter for custodial needs if necessary and charge the individual for cleaning if the environment is not maintained acceptably at a rate of $30 an hour.

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