Published On: Thu, Feb 7th, 2013

School board seeks community input for superintendent search

RANDOLPH — The Randolph Board of Education, after recently accepting the resignation of Superintendent Dave Hamm, has paired with the Nebraska Association of School Boards to assist in the search for a new superintendent.

In a recent memo to staff and community members, the members of the Randolph Board of Education collectively stated, “We value and seek the input of patrons, parents, students, staff and administrators.” The memo continued on with this request: “Please offer suggestions pertaining to skills, qualities or characteristics the candidate might possess in order to be successful in his or her role as superintendent and your views about the strengths of the school district and community.”

The memo served as an invitation to the staff and community to participate in the next phase of the superintendent search: a staff and community district needs assessment visit. Chiefly, this visit is an opportunity for the staff and community to share “personal thoughts regarding the district and the superintendent position” and has been scheduled for Feb. 7. Throughout the day, various groups will be able to visit with a representative from the NASB. administrators, junior and senior high students, classified and certified staff, and parents and community members will all have an opportunity to discuss their needs and concerns.

The invitation and schedule of events has been sent home with each student, but the public is also urged to participate by attending the visit from 5:30-6:30 p.m., in the high school commons area, Feb. 7.

Those who are unable to attend are invited to share their comments to the following questions: 1) What are the strengths and achievements of the Randolph school district and community? 2) What critical issues will the district face in the next three years? 3) What background / training / experience should the new superintendent posses? and ) What leadership style / personal attributes are important in the new superintendent?

Comments can be submitted to the Randolph Superintendent’s Office, where a form with these questions can also be obtained. Comments can also be emailed to the NASB representative at or faxed to 402-423-4961 or mailed to Nebraska Association of School Boards, Attn: Randolph Supt. Search, 1311 Stockwell St., Lincoln, NE 68502.

Additionally, comments can be submitted online at by clicking on “current positions available” and then “Randolph Public Schools.” Scroll to the bottom of the web page, and click on “staff and community district assessment survey.” Complete the survey, and click on “submit assessment.”

“The superintendent could easily be one of the highest paid people in town and is very important to the school and kids,” said School Board President Paul Schmitt. “The community and staff input needs to have impact on our decision, and we certainly want their thoughts.”

“I want to know what the kids think.” said school board vice president, Tim Kint.

The school board learned a valuable lesson with the four-day school week by involving the students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members in the entire process. Kint said that the board wants to be “up front” with the community.

“It’s important to know what people want.” he said.